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3 User-Friendly Marketing Software For Law Firms

Updated: May 11, 2022

Basic But Helpful Tools For Law Firm Marketing

A lot goes into law firm marketing than posting ads, making content, and finding clients. Digital marketing doesn't yield results overnight; you need to constantly adjust, upgrade, and change your strategies to stay competitive.

So, don't just aim to catch people's attention. You need to make sure you're nurturing leads so interested site visitors eventually become clients.

Let's talk about the kinds of programs and software law firm's can use for better marketing and lead generation:

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1. SEO Tools

Since Lawyer SEO is a common law firm marketing strategy, there are a lot of tools and programs that enable you to manage your marketing plans better.

That said, SEO is very broad. The tools that help boost your Lawyer SEO could be basic keyword research tools, but there are also more advanced tools and services that allow you to track specific keyword rankings, backlinks, Domain Authority, and traffic.

If you're an SEO beginner, you can start with Google's free-to-use tools. Here are a few you can use right now:

  • Google Trends. This is a fantastic tool for tracking search trends, comparing search volumes, and analyzing historical data to identify and forecast the popularity of a particular topic or keyword.

  • Google Analytics. This is a web analytics tool that analyzes your website's traffic. Remember, your website serves as the hub for all digital traffic. So, make sure you track your stats and performance.

  • Google Search Engine. Google Search Console is a series of Google-based tools that let you track your site's performance, discover issues, and enhance its ranking. It can provide statistics and data, Google recommendations, and graphs to help you track the performance of your website. These insights and reports might be valuable if you know what to do with them.

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  • Keyword Planner. Despite not being the only free keyword tool available, it's a fantastic place to start researching keywords. Among other things, you can uncover new keywords to target for SEO, examine how keyword volumes have changed over time, and check suggested bid estimates.

  • Mobile-Friendly Test. This program is straightforward yet really helpful. The test can tell you whether Google considers your page mobile-friendly, which can give you an idea of how mobile users interact with your site.

Of course, these aren't the only SEO tools you can use. There a more advanced SEO tools that you can get for a price. How much you spend on these tools should depend on how much your law firm makes and how much you're willing to set aside for a marketing budget.

2. Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is still a widely-used medium to generate and nurture leads. After all, it's a great way to keep in contact with clients and prospects even after they leave your website.

That said, email marketing isn't an easy task. While sending them manually through your personal email is possible, it gets more complicated when more people are added to your email list. However, if you just want to test things out, you can always try Outlook, which provides basic email management tools.

An email marketing tool or software not only manages the distribution of emails, but it can also automate a lot of email marketing tactics, such as:

  • Scheduled emails

  • Customizations

  • Lay-outing

  • Auto-response

  • Email performance stats (i.e., click-through rates and conversions)

Again, there are a lot of options for any law firm of any size. Whichever brand or tool you choose is better than mass-emailing your e-newsletter subscribers.

3. Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media marketing is more than just creating an account and posting on it. You need to make sure your profiles are well-optimized, your content is valuable and interesting, and all your interactions contribute to your law firm.

Auditing your social media marketing strategy is a great way to know what you need to keep doing, what you need to stop, and what needs to change. For example, if certain posts and hashtags don't do so well, maybe it's time to change them up. Likewise, if a specific type of post is doing really well, then you should try implementing elements of it to all of your other posts.

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Luckily, most popular social media sites provide their own analytics. A great example would be Twitter Analytics, which enables you to look at stats like follower count, post interactions, best performing posts, most followed followers, etc.

Of course, there are other tools you can use. What's important is you know what to do with the data. Some vital stats to look at are:

  • Follow count

  • Comments

  • Post interactions

  • Traffic/clicks

  • Best performing posts

  • Most active times (for followers)

Again, these stats are most helpful if you know how to process them. Consider compiling audit reports for your social media marketing efforts. Doing so will help you track your performance and pinpoint the areas you need to improve.

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