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Why Blogs Are Great For Law Firm SEO

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Discover 5 Reasons Why Attorneys Should Start To Create Legal Blogs

Legal blogging has become a standard Lawyer SEO practice throughout the years. For the most part, if you already have a law firm website, adding a blog alongside it is a reasonable next step.

Let's discuss why lawyers should start creating blogs as part of their law firm content marketing strategy.

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A blog is a powerful marketing tool that helps you reach your target audience. After all, those who actively seek out the things you write about are most likely already interested in law-related topics.

Legal blogs are a medium for the legal content your law firm produces, and those who find your posts can be directed back to your landing pages—either as casual readers or new clients.

Having a well-maintained lawyer blog content has numerous benefits, including the following:

1. Better For Lawyer SEO Rankings

Having a blog that links back to your main website expands its network of links and improves its search engine rankings. You may also link to many of your other online profiles from your blog, giving your complete online presence a boost.

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Search engines (especially Google) like consistent and fresh content. Websites that are updated regularly have the upper hand in several Lawyer SEO ranking factors.

Remember: In most cases, the blog content gets indexed faster than any other page. So if you manage to set a posting schedule, it can really help you boost your law firm's site traffic.

2. Improves Your Reputation

A well-maintained blog with high-quality legal content can turn you into an industry authority. If you play your cards right, people will start referring to you for any legal questions they might have, increasing direct traffic and overall readership. Other blogs and publications can also link your content as citations or sources.

Fellow attorneys also read legal blogs, so putting content out there can really help you establish a reputation and authority in the legal profession. In addition, networking with other lawyers and law firms is an excellent method to learn more about the law and get referral work.

3. Builds Client's Trust

Sometimes, clients want to know their lawyers before they agree to hire them. After all, lawyers tend to work with their clients for a long time, so making sure you're compatible with your attorney is a significant hiring factor.

Blogs are more casual by nature. They also allow lawyers to directly communicate with users by responding to comments and private chats.

If a client sees you attempt to personally connect with them, they are more likely to choose you over a seemingly detached attorney. Reading your legal blog can make them more comfortable coming to you for legal assistance.

4. Allows You To Publish More Exhaustive Content

Your blog can be the center of your law firm's digital content and entire online presence. In a legal blog, you'll be able to do the following:

  • Write an article about a recent legal event in your county

  • Post and embed a video

  • Upload photos or infographics detailing the legal implications or statistics of a chosen topic

  • Link to external resources that help non-lawyers understand more complicated legal concepts

  • Link and promote your social media accounts on your blog

With so many legal blogging platforms available to you, creating a media-rich blog doesn't involve much technical knowledge. In fact, most blog hosting sites already make it easy for you to publish your content.

Unlike social media platforms, blogs are meant for long-form content. They don't usually have a character limit and allow you to embed media (i.e., videos and images) to help readers visualize your points. Compare this to Twitter, where you're mostly limited to a 280-character limit, or Instagram, that's mostly hashtag and image-based.

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5. You Can Use RSS

You can instantly let everyone know you've posted a new blog entry using RSS (RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication), which allows people to subscribe to any online content using an RSS-capable application.

So even if your readers don't have social media, you can still encourage them to subscribe for updates. This can help you with site traffic and helps your readers keep up with your content. Additionally, this might be a good option for new visitors who might not be ready to sign up for your email lists.

Do You Need Help With Legal Blogging?

When consistent, valuable, and well-optimized, legal blogs can become great tools for law firm marketing. Paired with Lawyer SEO, your Law Firm's Blog can be the main driver of an effective content marketing strategy.

If you're a busy firm that needs some help with content, LawyerLeadMachine can help you. We offer lawyer content writing and marketing for your law firms. Review your options here.

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