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Why Law Firm Reviews Matter

3 Reasons Why Reviews Affect Law Firm Marketing

Reviews are becoming more and more important in digital marketing. They are closely associated with your law firm's name, especially on online listings like Google Reviews. Like how people used to ask their friends and family to refer or recommend a law firm, reviews measure how much your past clients vouch for your services.

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Generating reviews is now standard practice for any business. You want people to tell you how they feel about your services, and you'll want those testimonies to be seen by other potential clients, too.

Below is a list of reasons you need more reviews and why you should put in the effort to get positive ones.

1. Good Reviews Are Good For Lawyer SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how your website gets discovered on search engines. Most people like to look up the services they need on search engines like Google; so, if you rank high, you'll also get more traffic on your website.

To decide which pages show up first, search engines do have ranking factors; this includes keywords, links, traffic, optimizations, and other indicators that tell crawlers the contents of your pages.

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And yes, reviews are an essential factor in Local SEO rankings.

Remember: Search engines like Google want to give users the best and most relevant results. The more you optimize for Lawyer SEO, the more you qualify as a viable domain to solve users' problems.

However, just because reviews are a ranking factor, doesn't mean you should get as many of them as you can. So don't just go to any review site and have your clients submit their assessment of you. Instead, choose more reputable platforms like Google My Business.

2. Reviews Show Your Credibility

People are no longer relying on word-of-mouth recommendations for anything they want to buy or hire. Nowadays, users simply go on search engines, do a quick research on the law firms in their area, and hire them. When potential clients do their research, it usually involves looking up past clients' experience with a law firm.

Remember: They are reading descriptions of your services, but they are also reading reviews to ensure said services are worth their money.

Positive Vs. Negative Reviews

  • Positive feedback shows to potential clients that you can be trusted with their legal concerns. After all, with enough research, anyone can write a good lawyer's bio and blog content—reviews are proof that you are able to apply your knowledge of the law in actual cases.

  • Negative reviews can damage a law firm's name and drive away clients, but removing negative reviews can also impact your credibility. A majority of positive ones can outweigh one negative review. However, if you are getting bombarded by negative reviews, check to see if they're credible and whether or not you are on the receiving end of a malicious SEO attack.

Make sure you stay up to date on any new reviews that come in and respond to them. If you're getting a genuine negative review from a client who recently hired you, consider sending them a message and invite them to settle their concerns through email.

3. Client Feedback Is Important For Your Law Firm

On top of how your law firm appears to search engines and potential clients, reviews also benefit the law firm that receives them. Here are a few common reasons why:

  • Positive reviews can encourage law firms to continue doing what's working for them.

  • Reviews can be used as feedback for your services and marketing strategy.

  • Even negative reviews can be used to spot areas of your practice and skill that need some improvement (i.e., how you speak with clients, etc.).

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Not to mention, if you get follow-up reviews after resolving a negative experience, it can show that you're willing to address mistakes and misunderstandings.

Remember: Clients look at reviews not only to see your stellar performance. They might also read how you respond to reviewers and what you do in terms of customer services.

Lawyer SEO and other digital marketing strategies boost your traffic, conversions, and lead generation. You can track your progress through regular audits and—in the case of online reviews—considering client feedback.

Whether you want to improve Local SEO, automate your SEO process, or need high-quality content , LawyerLeadMachine can help you. To get you started on SEO, review your options here.


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