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How To Check A Law Firm Backlink Quality

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Building A Good Backlink Profile For Your Law Firm Website

Not all backlinks are good for Lawyer SEO. If you get high-quality backlinks from trusted sites, it is better for your rankings and authority. Similarly, getting many low-quality backlinks from shady websites will undoubtedly negatively affect your law firm marketing efforts.

That said, it's vital to assess link quality. You want to know which backlinks you want to get, keep, and remove from your backlink profile.

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What Is A Quality Law Firm Backlink?

A quality backlink in search engine optimization refers to a dofollow backlink that points to a page on your website from the body text of a page on a reliable website pertinent to your topic (in this case, the law, your law firm, or general legal practice). The best backlinks contain relevant keywords in the link's anchor text.

Remember: Backlink quality is assessed on a spectrum. So a link can be of high quality even if it lacks some attributes.

How Do You Assess Quality In Lawyer Backlinks?

It's vital to assess each individual backlink's quality and the whole backlink profile for your website.

A backlink can be assessed using the following criteria:

1. Relevance of Anchor Text

The clickable text of a link is known as anchor text; it is typically blue and highlighted. The anchor text is used by Google to analyze how and whether the destination URL is related to the connecting page when it crawls a website and discovers a link.

2. Relevance And Quality Of Linked Pages And Domains

The general relevancy of the page is also crucial in determining link quality, as we briefly discussed in the section regarding anchor text. Links from high-quality websites with pertinent material for your page will transfer much more link juice than links from irrelevant or subpar websites.

The amount of link juice a page passes through backlinks depends on how it fits into the domain. Because they won't convey any of the domain's accumulated value, orphan pages (those with no internal links pointing to them) won't be as valuable as non-orphan sites.

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3. Link Location

Each link on a page shares some of the link juice it has, but not all of them send the same amount of value. The value of a link for Lawyer SEO reasons is significantly influenced by where it appears on a page.

4. Traffic

When assessing the SEO worth of links, it's simple to overlook that backlinks can drive referral traffic to your website. Although your Lawyer SEO won't be significantly benefited by this, your overall marketing performance will be.

How To Establish Credible Law Firm Backlinks

Building quality backlinks can be done in several ways:

  • Write link-bait legal content. Write high-quality content, one that's going to get quoted or linked on other websites. News sites and blogs find something to use as citation all the time, so if you write comprehensive but digestible content, you'll have more chances to build your backlink profile.

  • Offer to write a guest blog article. The advantage of guest blogging is that you control both the anchor text of your backlink and the top of the content. Just be careful not to overuse guest blogging since it can result in a link profile that seems unnatural.

  • Claim links and mentions. Send the website owner an email outlining how the reader would benefit from your content in context, important background information, and other ways.

Regardless of your strategy, getting high-quality backlinks necessitates producing valuable, high-quality content that others will link to.

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