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What Are Backlinks?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

A Quick Introduction To Backlinks For Law Firm SEO

When you have multiple accounts and profiles on different platforms, you have to make sure everything's linked back to your law firm's website. This not only establishes the relationship between your pages, but also makes it easy for search engines to find them. However, you should also look into getting links from other good websites.

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If you've already started implementing Lawyer SEO strategies, you should optimize and organize your pages through internal linking. If you're firm has social media accounts, you should link those back to your main site. Likewise, you should also promote these social media accounts on your website.

Links don't only tell people where your pages are, but it encourages users to look into them. Similarly, other sites can also link back to you—either as a form of endorsement or citation.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from one site to a page of another. They are different from internal links, which take you from one page to a different one within the same website.

As Citations

You will usually see backlinks used as citations. For example, if you ever see a claim or an argument presented in an editorial or research piece, they might be linked to an external article or study that proves the sources of the claim.

This is why your content should be original. Writers are less likely to cite posts that are merely rehashing points.

Before you start writing your blogs, do a quick search and look at the posts that rank high for your chosen keywords. If your idea or outline is too close to the articles and blogs already published, consider reworking your ideas or find other angles.

Remember: Highly competitive industries like legal services tend to have a lot of available content—which means more people might have already published one similar to your ideas.

However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't post basic legal guides. You can differentiate your content by tone, detail, and delivery. Keep yours concise and easy to understand, and promote them as much as you can.

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As Endorsements

You can also find backlinks as endorsements. "Top 10" lists and "Best Of" recommendations usually link back to a featured brand's site. Unlike citations, endorsement-type backlinks tend to refer to brands and services.

This means that they usually won't be featuring posts and articles, but the services your site provides. For lawyers, these could be backlinks from law firm directories and local travel content.

For a more general example, Top 10 lists for the best SEO tools will link back to sites that offer software, SEO services, and guides.

Remember: Endorsement doesn't necessarily mean advertisement. Endorsement just means a vote of confidence. The third-party site simply deemed yours to be reputable enough to be featured on theirs.

Although, there are ways where you can transact with sites and social media platforms for paid ads. So they're still an excellent way to promote and boost your rankings. Backlinks, after all, can generate traffic.

Why Are They Important For Lawyer SEO?

When you link to someone else's website, it is a sign of confidence. To put it simply, the more domains or sites link to your page, the more "votes" it has. Search engines take this into account, so backlinks pointing back to you can after your search results ranking.

This is why you usually see reputable and established sites getting linked in articles and blog posts. If bloggers and content creators often cite them as reliable sources of information, then search engines will boost them in the search results.

Similarly, if reputable websites link back to you, search engines deem it as a recommendation. Thus, backlinks improve your "domain authority", and your site will be considered more valuable than your competitors.

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Are All Backlinks Good For Lawyer SEO?

As mentioned, links from reputable websites can boost your Lawyer SEO. However, you shouldn't get caught up.

Since search engines can deem websites as reputable and authoritative, the same goes for bad sites. Search engines can identify spam-ridden content farms that regularly post low-quality content. If these bad sites have backlinks pointing back to your website, you could risk getting penalized by search engines.

Some of your competitors even might attempt to sabotage your website through Bad SEO. One way to do so would be to put backlinks in as many spammy sites as possible, which might get you penalized by search engines like Google. When this happens, you should disavow those bad links to recover from the sabotage.

What Can LawyerLeadMachine Do For You?

Lawyer SEO can boost traffic on your law firm's website. While getting backlinks is a more advanced strategy that you will have to work up to over time, you can still reap the benefits by doing on-page SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing.

To get started on your SEO strategy, review your options here.


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