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Basic Marketing Strategies For Small Law Firms

Updated: May 11, 2022

3 Of The Most Common (But Effective) Lead Generation Strategies To Help Your Firm

If you've been reading up on law firm marketing, you might get overwhelmed by all the trends and technicalities. These marketing strategies do take some time to learn, implement, and audit. However, there are 3 basic Lawyer Marketing strategies that any firm—especially small and new law firms—can start with. If you decide to try more advanced strategies in the future, at least you already have your basics down.

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When people are on search engines, they are likely to have a problem that needs solutions. Nowadays, people will go to search engines for different reasons—get groceries, buy gadgets, get food delivered, subscribe to digital services, and hire lawyers.

Seeing this as an opportunity, your law firm should ensure that your website is visible to as many searchers as possible. So when someone looks up "lawyer near me", your law firm's website should be one of the first that pops up in the search results. This is how Lawyer SEO works.

Using SEO to help your firm expand by boosting the number of leads it gets. While Lawyer SEO is a topic in and of itself, here is a quick review of some of the most crucial aspects:

  • Keyword research and implementation on your website

  • Boosting domain authority through off-page link building

  • Creating a mobile-friendly website

  • Improving the navigation and speed of your website

  • Designing for good user experience (UX)

There's so much more that goes into SEO. However, the minimum requirement is that your law firm has a website, and all the optimizations you do should contribute to your site's ranking.

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2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about using content or information to educate people about the challenges they're dealing with. Therefore, the content that you should provide them should be valuable to them in some way.

Examples of the type of content you'll want to create are the following:

  • Legal guides

  • Step-by-step tutorials

  • FAQs

  • Trivia

  • Editorial

  • Legal news

As a lawyer, your role is to answer questions or offer information that searchers are looking for. As you keep writing and creating content, you also build your authority on the subject you talk about. The more people you impress with your legal content, the more people trust your skill as a lawyer. They may eventually contact you for further information, clarification, or assistance in solving their problem.

Remember: Content marketing is an integral aspect of the overall Lawyer SEO strategy, and can't be effectively implemented on its own. After all, for people to read and be impressed with your content, they first need to find it. You still need site traffic, so make sure your pages are getting indexed and are ranking high.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is another essential tool you can use. There, you can promote and market your website and generate more leads. After search engines, social media is arguably the most used and frequented platform.

Many of the people who are or will be needing your legal service can be found on the various social media platforms, which most have huge user bases.

The overall goal is to be found by the right users. Even if they aren't actively searching for a law firm or legal advice, getting your name out there can already boost brand awareness. In these cases, some users might not need a lawyer right now, but will have your law firm's name in mind when they eventually do.

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Here are some essential social media marketing tips when you do make your accounts:

  • You still need to post content. While it's not an extensive blog, your Tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts are still considered content. This means you should still try to make them valuable (i.e., educational, engaging, entertaining, etc.).

  • Use keywords. You can still use keywords. However, most platforms differ in how users interact with it and how its algorithm ranks posts. That's why you should take your time and learn which keywords and hashtags are getting high-search volumes.

  • Post consistently. Social media is all about building a following. The more followers you have, the more people you can redirect to your website. Posting consistently lets you find new followers and keep the ones you already have. If you go for extended amounts of time not posting anything, people might think your social media is abandoned.

In general, users on social media can wind up becoming leads for your law firm.


Growing your legal firm by increasing your online visibility entails several strategies that can be implemented in tandem. All you need is to follow the best practices for each.

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Whichever law firm marketing strategies you use, you should do them systematically. Think you need help with that? You can view your options here.


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