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How To Compose Effective Blog Headlines For Pennsylvania Law Firms

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Headlines Are What Get People To Click On Your Legal Blog Post. Here's How To Optimize Them For Success.

If you have a blog, you know how important it is to have good headlines. Headlines are the first thing people see when they visit your site. They can make or break engagement and conversions, affecting Lawyer SEO and law firm content marketing performance.

That said, what makes a good headline? How can you create great ones every time? The following tips will help you write effective blog titles that get results:

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1. Make your blog titles appealing and clickable.

You want your blog title to be short, descriptive, and catchy. Try to clarify what the blog post will be about but also intriguing for readers who don't know you or your work. On the other hand, don't mislead them with a clickbait title just to drive traffic to your site—that's what makes people hate reading blogs in general.

Remember: Clickbait often leads to high bounce rates. In Pennsylvania Law Firm SEO, high bounce rates could mean that your content isn't what people are looking for.

It's also best to avoid using niche language that general audiences won't understand. Remember, your target audience isn't experienced Pennsylvania lawyers, so you want your title to be easy to understand to be enticing to the right people.

2. Write shorter titles.

As a rule, the shorter your title, the better. A good practice is to keep your titles between 7 and 10 words. Using these first 6 words should describe what your post is about in a way that gives readers a hint of what they're going to get out of reading it.

If you can use keywords, do so! You'll want to ensure that people who search for information related to those keywords can easily find this blog post when they look at it on search engines like Google or Bing.

Additionally, try writing short sentences instead of long ones. Shorter sentences seem easier to understand, with fewer pauses between thoughts when reading aloud.

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3. Hint at the benefits of reading your blog post.

People don't like wasting their time. So if they don't need, want, or enjoy something, there are always countless other choices for them to pick from.

So, when writing headlines, ask yourself, "what's in it for them?".

As every Pennsylvania Lawyer SEO expert would tell you: there's a lot of competition in the SERPs. So if your headline doesn't seem worth it, people can just move on to the next one. This could lead to a drop in CTR and traffic, affecting your rankings in the long run.

4. Trigger curiosity by asking questions.

Questions are one of the most common elements in headlines. Why? Because they work!

Using questions is a classic technique to get people interested in your topic. You can also use this method on social media.

For example, "How do you sue your boss in Pennsylvania?" is an effective way to get people's attention. It piques their curiosity, and will hope that your blog post will provide answers.

The only downside is that it may seem too gimmicky when used as a headline more than once or twice. But, of course, you'd also need to deliver on this expectation; otherwise, it'll feel like tasteless clickbait.

5. Include only one topic in the title.

To make your Pennsylvania legal blogs more search engine-friendly, you should only include one topic in the title. This will help Google and other search engines understand your blog and find it more quickly.

You also want to ensure that you don't overuse keywords when writing titles for articles. If a keyword is used too often, it looks unnatural to humans (and usually bots). Consequently, it can hurt how well a post ranks in the SERPs and your Pennsylvania Lawyer SEO.

Finally, don't just use one keyword all the time—try using different keywords on each post, so they're easier for readers to find.

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