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How To Boost Image Search Rankings For Your Law Firm

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Lawyer SEO Strategies For Image Optimization

We're all used to seeing the same stock image on every other website, so you'll really stand out when you utilize your own photos to communicate the message you're trying to convey.

It's impossible to overestimate the importance of image search, so image optimization should be a part of your Lawyer SEO.

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What is Image SEO?

The goal of picture SEO, also known as image optimization, is to improve the photos on your website for two reasons:

  • To improve your Google Image Search ranking.

  • To improve the overall exposure and optimization of a web page.

This includes a variety of tasks and strategies, such as:

  • Identifying image files correctly

  • Adding and optimizing alt text

  • Reducing the file size

All of these will aid Google's (and their crawlers') understanding of the images on your site. But, remember, search engines still don't have the technology to tell what's on an image, so you have to make sure you're able to optimize, add links, and associate your images with the keywords you want them to rank for.

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Image Optimization Tips For Lawyer SEO

By optimizing photos to rank higher in Google Image Search, you can improve your site's overall organic performance. Here are 6 of the most popular (and effective) optimization techniques:

1. Name Your Image Files

Ensuring your image titles are descriptive is one of the most basic takeaways from Google's image best practices suggestions.

Images exported from a camera or smartphone are given generic filenames (or even screenshots). When uploading a photo, don't use the default filename. Instead of using underscores to divide the words, give it a descriptive name that helps contextualize what it displays.

Change the filenames of any photographs you've previously submitted to a website to something more descriptive. It will only take a few minutes and will be well worth your time.

2. Don't Forget Your Alt Text

Crawlers use alt text to figure out what's on your photos. Unfortunately, despite Google's technological improvements, there is still no method for AI to reliably identify images. This means you get to tell the crawlers what's on the photos yourself.

Screen readers also employ Alt Text to let users with vision impairments know what's on the images on the screen.

3. Image Dimensions Can Be Changed

Another common issue with images is that the file's pixel size is significantly larger than your site image. Make sure that photos are adjusted to their full display proportions.

4. Size Down Images

One of the simplest ways to reduce file size is to resize your images to their maximum display proportions, but this isn't the only option.

One of the main causes of delayed loading speeds is large file sizes, so make sure your image sizes are compressed and optimized.

5. Create A Sitemap

You should create a dedicated sitemap containing all of the images' URLs if you want Google to find all of the images on your site and display them in Google Image Search.

Simply put, having an image sitemap increases the chances of your photographs showing up in search results. While photos can be referenced in an existing sitemap, it's usually ideal for creating a separate map for search engines to use.

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6. Use Browser Caching to Your Advantage

Browser caching, simply explained, occurs when a visitor's browser caches files, allowing assets to load faster the next time they visit the page.

When you visit a page, images are downloaded and shown in the browser. The next time this individual visits the website, all of these will have to be downloaded again without the benefit of browser caching. However, the browser will already have these saved due to browser caching, resulting in a significantly faster page load.

Browser caching has a noticeable influence on sites when visitors view the same pages frequently.

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