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4 Reasons To Pay Attention To Site Design For Ohio Law Firm Websites

The Lawyer SEO Benefits Of Site Design For Ohio Law Firm Marketing

There is so much focus on Lawyer SEO keywords, content, and links that another equally crucial ranking factor is sometimes forgotten: site design. This is likely because it needs more advanced knowledge, while keywords, content, and link structures are considered Ohio Lawyer SEO basics.

That said, site design is definitely worth optimizing. However, you either have to learn how to do it yourself or find a law firm marketing agency to do it for you. Optimizing site design is worth it regardless of how you want to do it.

Let's discuss why site design improves your law firm marketing strategy and how it does more for your Ohio attorney SEO than you may realize.

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Reason #1: The First Impression Is Crucial

The first thing a potential client will see when they click on your page from the SERPs is the layout and usability of your law firm website. They will first notice how quickly your site loads, how simple it is to read the text, and how appealing the color scheme is before they even start reading the content on the page.

People's perceptions of your Ohio law firm are shaped by what they see online when you run digital law firm marketing. Therefore, while improving the quality and relevance of your content, ensure the page also looks good and is easy to use.

If your website is obviously outdated, disorganized, or unappealing, users who could have been potential law firm clients will be turned off and move their business elsewhere. This also reflects on your Ohio Lawyer SEO, ultimately influencing ROI and performance.

Reason #2: Ohio Law Firm SEO Is Boosted By Excellent Site Design

Site design plays a significant role in search engine optimization for attorneys because it influences how you rank in the SERPs.

For one, your website's design affects where and how you post content, which impacts how search engines crawl and index your website. Therefore, your code should also be SEO-friendly for your Ohio law firm pages to appear in searches.

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Even if many people click on your links in the SERPs, it hurts your Ohio Lawyer SEO if they "bounce" or leave immediately.

This would contribute to your bounce rate, the proportion of visitors who leave or close the tab immediately after visiting your page. High bounce rates could mean a few things, all of which indicate to search engines that you're page or its content isn't good.

One of the many causes of people clicking away is poor website design. People may close the tab due to difficult-to-read font designs, excessive pop-ups, and slow loading times.

Reason #3: An Up-To-Date Site Design Helps You Keep Up With The Competition

As mentioned, we talked about how good site design is key to first impressions. Well-designed websites that look good and feel great to use leave a positive impression on users.

Remember: If your competitors have appealing websites but don't, you risk losing potential clients to them.

To compare what you are doing on your website with your competitors, try to make it a habit to visit their websites regularly. Take note of any components that work well or seem appealing, then try incorporating them into your website.

Reason #4: Well-Designed Law Firm Websites Keep Your Brand Identity Strong

To boost brand recognition, maintaining a consistent brand image across as many platforms as possible is imperative. In addition, your website is a significant portion of your law firm marketing, so you want it to represent you in the best way possible.

Use the same fonts, colors, styles, and layouts throughout your website to create consistency and to let visitors know where they are with other parts of the page. In addition, to ensure that you and your content are recognizable wherever you are on the internet, consider your color schemes, tone, and delivery on your social media, emails, etc.

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