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How To Boost Local SEO For New Jersey Law Firms

New Jersey Lawyer SEO And Law Firm Marketing Tips To Improve Local SEO

Most potential clients will come from your locale. You're not usually looking to attract people who aren't based in, work in, or have any concerns in New Jersey. So, when people look up lawyers, they usually look for nearby law firms in New Jersey.

This is where local lawyer SEO comes in. Optimizing your law firm website for local keywords and SERPs boosts local visibility—in other words, make it easy for nearby clients to find you.

That said, how can you optimize for local SEO? Here are a few tips to help you boost your local visibility in New Jersey searches:

local seo new jersey law firms

1. Start With Local New Jersey SEO Keywords

First, make sure you're ranking in local searches. Of course, ranking in general keywords like "lawyer" and "attorney" isn't bad; the scope might be too broad. So, while working on high-volume keywords, ensure you're also optimizing for local ones.

You can start by using your keyword tools and local seed keywords. For example, start your keyword research with "New Jersey law firms", "Personal Injury Attorney NJ", "Employment Law Attorney New Jersey", and so on. This enables you to access more localized keywords that can be used to optimize your local SEO.

Not to mention, local keywords are easier to rank for. Sure, they don't have as much search volumes as national or general keywords, but you have less risk of getting buried by more prominent, older, and more established legal websites. Again, this could still work alongside your general keywords, and a mix of both can be helpful for New Jersey Lawyer SEO.

2. Optimize Your Homepage

Who you are, where you are located, and what you do should all be very clearly stated on your homepage. Make it simple for Google to comprehend these aspects of your company.

You should make this information appear in your page title, header, and meta description tags. In other words, tell Google and their crawlers where your law firm is.

law firm gmb new jersey

3. Optimize Your Meta Data

The continued usefulness of page title tags and meta descriptions has been hotly contested. However, whether or not they constitute ranking criteria nowadays, they nonetheless play a huge role in how a potential visitor perceives your website.

Your page title tags should include the name of the city you wish to be focused on if you're optimizing for lawyer local SEO. Improve your page title tags by including the city name and the service you provide (in this case, legal services).

4. Create Separate Pages For Different Areas Of Law And Office Locations

Stop trying to consolidate. It's terrible for local SEO and bad for New Jersey Lawyer SEO in general. For example, if you're looking for personal injury and employment law clients, ensure there's a landing page for both. Putting them all on one page makes it harder to find the content the user needs.

This also applies to lawyers or law firms with licenses in several states. So, for example, if you work with clients in California, New York, and Washington, you want to have separate landing pages to boost user experience and keyword rankings for all locations.

This opens the door to specific schema applications and being an overall Lawyer SEO in New Jersey best practice because it gives search engines a clearer picture of your sitemap and helps your landing pages rank for that particular keyword or offering.

5. Set Up Or Claim Your Google My Business Listing

GMB for lawyers is a staple in local SEO. You must claim your business listing and fill out the information for your local SEO listing, particularly for your Google Local Pack and SERP results.

Once more, do yourself a favor and claim each of your GMBs if you have many locations. Yes, you need to be the owner of every physical site for your New Jersey law firm, but you can manage them all from a single login, so updating won't be a hassle.

6. Add Your Law Firm To Legal Directories

Local directory listings and citation building are great ways to optimize your website for local SEO. Like GMB, this also boosts your visibility.

Ensuring every single input is the same is crucial in this situation. In addition, the information on the directories should be consistent with how they appear on your law firm website and GMB page.

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