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4 Creative Marketing Ideas For Law Firms

Updated: May 10, 2022

A List Of Suggestions To Help Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

As you plan out your Law Firm Marketing Strategy, you should be drafting your goals in detail. You can't just write "Content Marketing" and be done with it. You have to clearly state the step-by-step process, not only for your sake but also for the collaborators who will work on your strategy.

digital marketing for law firms

Different strategies have different perks, and all you need to do is decide what you need and how you're going to get it. Below are quick and easy marketing ideas to use for your Law Firm Marketing venture.

1. Social Media

Social Media has many benefits for Lawyer SEO. Millions of users are on several platforms, and the large user base provides an opportunity to market your law firm. When done right, you can attract audiences who otherwise would not find your law firm's website.

Depending on how you want to present your firm to your audience, you can tweak your tone and language to suit the platform. You can also incorporate other types of content that you might not usually find on your website.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Directly interact with users. Your website's blog posts and pages might not always be as interactive as you want to be, but you can do so on social media. For example, briefly answer simple questions, thank users for following your account, and link articles to people interested in learning about certain laws.

  • Upload video content. Different people process information in different ways. Supplying quick and digestible video content on top of your thoughtful blogs and articles would be an excellent way to reach various audiences. And if you think it fits, you can also incorporate these videos into your blog.

law firm marketing

  • Use funny memes. Memes are an internet staple. The more it's used, the less informal or awkward they are coming from professionals. When done right, memes tend to get shared more than overly formal professional content. One quick look at Twitter will tell you that more professionals do this than you think!

  • Do polls and simple crowdsourcing. As long as you have enough followers or interaction on your post, you'll find that it's easier to directly ask your audience about anything you want to know. Whether it's to ask their opinion on certain legal issues or you want to know what they want to read about next, the engagement is helpful for your marketing and SEO strategies.

Social media is an accessible way to expand your Lawyer Marketing Strategy. Account creation is quick, easy, and free in almost every platform out there. Not to mention, almost everyone has a social media presence right now, so you should be taking advantage of its marketing potential.

Just remember that your social media accounts represent your law firm, not an individual lawyer. So as a general rule: never respond or post anything without careful consideration.

2. Infographics

Infographics are an excellent way to create visual guides that are easy to digest. However, no matter how you try to write and edit articles to be as easy to follow as you can, there might still be instances where it might be hard to understand. Infographics help you map out your thoughts and walk users through your important points.

Infographics can include:

  • Digestible summaries of crucial statistical data

  • Step-by-step how-to guides on legal processes

  • Legal trivia and history

  • Your firm's client and case statistics

You can also turn your previously published content into infographics. Not only does it make it easier to read, but it will also be easier to share around. Upload these infographics to your social media accounts and make them available to a different audience.

3. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can work as a way to update interested readers or to supply additional content to subscribed users. You can use email marketing in two ways, and they have different advantages:

  • To update readers whenever you post new content. If you are consistently coming out with high-quality content, interested users will start anticipating your next posts. Email newsletters can be an excellent way to alert them when you do.

  • To send exclusive content to newsletter subscribers. Another way to do email marketing is to send exclusive content to interested subscribers. These could be in the form of more in-depth guides or articles.

Remember that most users who willingly subscribe to your newsletters are the most interested in your content. Thus, you should do what you can to convince them to become clients.

digital marketing for law firms

4. Joining Local Events

While building a steady online presence is an excellent Law Firm Marketing strategy, you can quickly gain social proof with in-person appearances.

Here are examples of these:

  1. Career talks in local high schools

  2. University guest lectures

  3. Legal forums targeted at law students and potential clients

  4. Local foundation events

  5. Local holiday celebrations

Social proof is an important element in digital marketing for law firms. Even though more and more people are doing online transactions, trust is still a concern. Users are careful not to transact or buy from someone or a company they don't trust.

Posting photos and getting acknowledged for appearances can be one way to provide users with social proof. These tell people that your law firm is in active operation and that you have the appropriate skill, licenses, and recognition.

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