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5 Tips To Build A Content Marketing Strategy For Law Firms

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Planning A Sustainable And Organized Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy

When you're developing a Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy, you should consider it in the long term. Thus, you should build a sustainable plan that can give you cumulative benefits over time.

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As you're drafting your plan, you should consider the following:

1. Decide How You Want To Present Your Law Firm

The first thing you need to decide on is what your law firm is all about. Does it exclusively handle specific cases? Does it provide online legal services? Which state does it operate in?

In other words, you should decide on your branding. Deciding on your presentation is going dictate the types of content you're going to produce.

The simplest way to do so would be to emphasize the areas of law you're best at handling. You can also market your law firm as one that exclusively operates in contingency payments.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

After deciding on your branding, the next step should be researching your target audience. You can try looking through stats, demographics, and even a competitor's content for some ideas.

You can also look at statistics relevant to specific cases. You should be able to adjust the tone of your posts and articles to cater to the clients' needs.

For Example:

If your firm is looking to market itself as an expert in Family Law, you know that the people coming to you are struggling with divorce, child-related concerns, and marriage litigation.

So, you have to adjust your wording based on your experience dealing with similar clients.

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You can also look into how your target market uses the internet, interacts with your site, and consumes content. For example, if they're a demographic that prefers an active social media presence, invest some time in that aspect of Content Marketing.

When you give your audience what they need, they'll most likely stick around for your content.

3. Be Ready To Update Your Lawyer SEO Strategy

The best Law Firm SEO is a sustainable one. You should keep up with search engine updates, come up with fresh content, and constantly improve your optimization. Whenever site traffic drops, you should be able to identify what's lacking and fix it.

If you're already getting good traffic on your website, find other ways to optimize it—start a social media account, consider email marketing, make video content, etc. New platforms and tools are regularly created, so try them out when you can.

4. Find Ways To Refresh Your Old Content

Search engines prefer fresh and relevant content. So you should look at your content backlog and see which ones have become outdated.

Here are a few things to check up on:

  • If you've published a few legal guides, consider updating them by adding new laws passed since you published them.

  • If your content deals with recent statistics to prove your point, look out for some new data to replace the ones in your old content.

  • Replace broken links when you find them.

  • Add new competitive keywords.

Refreshing your content is also an excellent way to improve traffic on an underperforming page or blog post. As you keep practicing Law Firm SEO, you're going to keep improving. So incorporate those in your older content, not just the new ones.

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5. Set Goals

There are many moving parts in a Law Firm Marketing Strategy, so you should be as organized as possible. Setting goals also means giving yourself deadlines, so you can carefully implement Lawyer SEO into your schedule.

This is also great for Content Marketing, as it ensures you're consistent with your content production and optimization. You can do so by setting a goal for the number of articles you'll publish in a day, as well as the allotted time for research, writing, and editing of your content.

LawyerLeadMachine Help You Create High-Quality Content for Law Firms

Law Firm Content Marketing requires a streamlined and sustainable strategy that can steadily improve your site traffic. However, beginners might feel intimidated by the sheer amount of work and effort the process entails.

If you need a little help, LawyerLeadMachine can help you come out with high-quality and consistent SEO content. Review your Law Firm SEO options here.


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