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Email Marketing Checklist For Law Firms

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

How To Conduct An Email Marketing Strategy That Generates Leads

With how fast technologies are advancing, it's almost understandable to assume people don't use their emails anymore. However, emails are still the main hubs for most websites—you still need one to sign up, websites send you updates through them, and it's still used for security purposes. In other words, emails are still relevant and widely used today, and law firms shouldn't dismiss them when marketing their practice.

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Emails are a low-cost way to reach out to people who already know and trust you, are easy to track and test, and can be seamlessly integrated into your whole Lawyer SEO marketing strategy.

Much like any digital marketing strategy, there are set ways to do email marketing right. You can't just mass email a bunch of people and expect them to be interested in your law firm; you have to attract them through different means.

Below are a few tips to make your email marketing ventures as fruitful as possible:

1. Write Interesting Subjects Lines

The subject line should chance to catch the attention of your subscribers and urge them to read your email. This one line of text must demonstrate that the content in your email is in some way beneficial to the reader, whether it's to supply them with information about your legal practice, save them time and money, or present them with an exclusive offer.

Remember: People get a lot of emails, and subject lines that are uninteresting or offer no value to the recipient are just going to get ignored or deleted. Keep sending them useless emails, and people are going to unsubscribe.

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2. Don't Clickbait

You must deliver on the promises of your subject line. Clickbait can actually reduce your click-through rate, even when you do offer something of value. You should also avoid making it sound so "clickbait-y", saying things like "shocking news!" and "you won't believe what happens next" really turns some people off.

This is all because clickbait online articles and content have become a known nuisance. Most people who use the internet will have already been warned against it, and if your titles look the same, it really doesn't win you any favors.

3. Be More Personal

Making your clients feel that they're sincerely appreciated and respected is a point to your law firm. Sending personalized emails instead of cold and monotonous emails really makes it seem like you're only reaching out to promote your law firm.

Another factor that can encourage or discourage a subscriber from opening your email is the sender's name. By sending emails from a real name rather than a business email address, you can establish a sense of familiarity. Take it a step further by including the sender's signature or a short photograph to put a face to the name.

Small nuances can present a welcoming tone and increase trust, resulting in increased clicks and engagement.

4. Keep Your Content Interesting But Concise

Let's be honest, people don't really have time to read long essays and articles because there's already so much content out there. On the other hand, short paragraphs and bulleted lists make content considerably easier to absorb and, as a result, are more likely to be read.

Remember: As a general rule of creating Lawyer SEO content, the more straightforward you are, the more digestible your content will be—especially for non-lawyers and non-experts.

Your emails should be interesting and to-the-point. For example, if you have an exclusive new offer for your email subscribers, let them know right away. Inserting that critical detail to the bottom of a long email will do you no favors.

5. Write Clear CTAs

Every email you send should have a specific goal. These goals could either be:

  • To advertise an exclusive offer

  • Relay important information to your subscribers

  • Follow up leads

So stick to your goals. For example, if the purpose of your email is to get people to fill out a form, don't distract them with links and other extraneous or irrelevant content. The clearer the coal of your email, the easier it is for you to write the right Calls To Action (CTAs).

Your CTAs should be eye-catching—preferably in a button, a larger text, or a different font—and should be strategically placed near the beginning of your email.

Remember: It's also great to include multiple CTAs that all lead to the same landing page. It allows you to test which CTA performs best by giving your subscribers various opportunities to click through and convert.

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6. Make Emails Mobile-Friendly

Your emails should be mobile optimized in the same way that your legal firm's website must be mobile-friendly and responsive. Waiting for emails to load on a desktop can already be frustrating, let alone having to wait for that email to load on a mobile device.

Remember: While having photos in your emails can increase engagement, they can really affect loading speeds if they're not compressed and optimized for mobile.

Consider how your emails would look for mobile users—make sure the elements don't clash or overlap each other, the text is easy to read, and your CTAs are still prominent.

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