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8 Free SEO Tools For Legal Websites

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Best SEO Tools for Monitoring Your Law Firm Website

Since it's so accessible, you can implement a Lawyer SEO strategy all on your own. In addition, there are a lot of free Lawyer SEO guides to help you get started, implement, and improve. This means you can do everything yourself—build websites, make and promote content, and build links—with little to no cost.

That said, doing this on your own can be time-consuming. After all, not everyone's a large megacorporation with hundreds of employees working on their website. Fortunately, there are a lot of free SEO tools to not only make your work faster and easier but to make sure you're implementing the right tactics.

So, let's take a look at the free SEO tools you can use to get started or improve your Legal SEO:

attorney SEO

SEO experts still use the Search Console to this day. It is a free all-around SEO tool with many useful features that let you track your rankings, backlinks, traffic information, and data on how you're doing on the SERPs.

It's relatively easy to use and accessible. So if you don't have it set up for your SEO right now, you should get it.

Though it has a paid version, AnswerThePublic allows you to do two free searches a day, which can be enough for content creation, blog ideas, and secondary keywords. This tool scours questions from the SERPs, blogs, social media, and threads, which can be used as keywords for you to optimize.

Social listening is a great way to find ideas, keywords, and content plan ideas. AnswerThePublic provides data that can help you deliver content people are looking for and talking about.

legal seo

For beginner SEO practitioners, a basic keyword planner can provide a significant boost to Lawyer SEO marketing. Google's Keyword Planner is pretty straightforward: use seed keywords to look up viable keywords and their respective search volumes.

You can also save your searches for better keyword research and planning.

This is a handy browser-based tool that loads your webpage multiple times and gives you data on how fast it loads. It can also break down the files loaded and how fast each one loads.

Site speed is a crucial user experience factor affecting traffic and bounce rates. For example, if it takes forever for your law firm's website to load, people might click off and find other websites that could give them what they need without much hassle.

Though a relatively simple tool, it's a crucial one.

Mobile-friendliness has become a huge factor in SEO. This is because more and more online users are browsing the internet through mobile devices like phones and tablets. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, it'll shrink down the desktop version, which may cause many problems with the user experience.

So, take your site URL and paste it into Google's Mobile-Friendly Test. If Google considers your website not mobile-friendly, then it's time to do some optimizations and site-building improvements.

While most SEO practitioners prioritize Google rankings, ignoring other potential SEO factors like Bing would be a wasted opportunity. Not to mention, Bing is the second most-used search engine, which means potential traffic from ranking in their SERPs can be beneficial.

Bing Webmaster Tools is also embedded in Bing, allowing you access to SEO tools like indexing, site performance, and ranking data.

7. Ahrefs' Free SEO Tools

Ahrefs has a slew of free SEO tools for keywords, link building, and rankings. You can check for keywords, keyword difficulty, backlinks, broken links, website authority, and keyword rankings.

You can do so much even with just the free tools, making it a great launching pad for any law firm looking to start their Lawyer SEO efforts.

law firm marketing

GMB allows you to implement local SEO for lawyers. The listing includes your legal firm's name, contact information, website, and reviews. When you list your law firm on Google My Business, you give Google permission to show it to users in your area.

Local searches on Google are used by both locals and Voice Search. That's why you might still come up in searches inside your state or city if you use terms like "near me" and "in my region."

Remember: There's less competition in local searches than national and global searches. Not to mention, the people who live close to your law firm are more likely to be your clients than those who live a few states away.

Google My Business assists you in attracting new clients, increasing awareness, and providing rapid access to your law firm's information. So, make sure you don't skip local SEO for law firms in your digital marketing venture.

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Some of the best SEO tools for law firms are listed here, but you won't need them all. Examine your most critical SEO objectives and then figure out how to get there with the help of the various solutions available.

If you want more help improving your law firm websites, feel free to contact our legal marketing experts. Our Law Firm SEO services have helped many law firms improve their online presence and get more people to visit their sites.


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