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Google My Business Insights: How Law Firms Can Use Them

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

How You Can Monitor Your Google My Business Performance Report

Google My Business (GMB) can help your Local SEO by boosting your online presence within your state or city. You can make an account, enter your contact information and links, and you'll show up in people's local searches. GMB also has ranking factors, optimizations, and other features that allow you to audit your listing. Do you want to know how your listing is doing? Use Insights.

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If you set up an account, your listing shows up when locals lookup law firms, ask for direction, or view Google Maps. You can also accept Bookings for appointments right there on your Google My Business listing.

The data mentioned above are all accessible on GMB Insights, and you can use those stats to infer the effectiveness of your listing and the optimizations you did for it. Google themselves have made a quick guide into which types of data can be viewed on GMB Insights, but in this post, we'll discuss how you can use the numerical data to audit and improve your Google My Business Listing.

1. How Customers Find Your Listing

This GMB Insights data shows the total number of potential clients that came across your listing (and you can even break them up depending on the time).

It can also show you the three different ways people might have found you:

  • Direct Search. When a potential client types in your law firm's name or address.

  • Branded Search. Refer to users who discovered your listing by looking for businesses and agencies related to your industry.

  • Discovery Searches. These are broad searches for your category or service.

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Direct searches come from people who already know you, like past clients and avid readers of your blog. However, you can boost branded and discovery searches by optimizing your blogs, GMB FAQs, and GMB listing details for relevant keywords.

2. Search Queries

When you need to know the keywords you're most likely to get found for, the search queries metric in Google My Business Insights is really useful. You can tweak your Lawyer SEO approach to target the specific queries giving you the most visibility.

You can also use this data to generate new keyword suggestions for content that will be published on your listing or website.

Remember: The most popular (or high-volume) keywords can change, so remember to do keyword research to update optimizations.

3. Where Customers Find You on Google

Understanding how customers find you on Google will help you figure out where most of your potential customers are finding you—in a Google search or on Google Maps. These are labeled "Search views" and "Map views", respectively. You can also view charts and graphs to monitor seasonal fluctuations.

Remember: Like the last two, GMB Insights can also tell you whether the searches and map views were through desktop or mobile devices.

4. Customer Actions

"Customer Actions" tells about user behavior. In short, this data can show you how visitors engage with your GMB listing. You can use this to track the following customer actions:

  • The number of times people clicked on the link to your website

  • Asked for directions to your law firm

  • Phone calls

  • Directly messages

That said, this can help you figure out which GMB feature is generating the most conversions from your law firm. You can also use the Customer Actions data to pinpoint areas where you could improve your law marketing strategy.

5. Phone Calls

Unlike your "Customer Actions," the "Phone Calls" statistic provides a more in-depth breakdown of calls made to your law firm's contact number (the one you included in your Google My Business listing).

You can track which days of the week (or which holidays) that your law firm gets the most phone calls. You can also check out the frequency of the calls sorted by time of day.

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6. Photos

There are two types of data you can view that's related to your photos:

  • Photo quantity. The number of photos uploaded to your Google My Business listing.

  • Photo views. The number of times your images were viewed by users.

You can use the "Photo Views" data to see which of your uploaded images are getting clicked by users seeing your GMB listing. You can also distinguish between images you uploaded yourself and photos posted by your clients.

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