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Google Search Console Reports To Improve Lawyer SEO

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Data Reports To Help You Optimize Your Law Firm's Website

Data reports are important to your Lawyer SEO strategy. They give you quantifiable values that let you know how your Law Firm Marketing efforts are doing. It tells you when you're doing well, doing poorly, and when you need to change tactics. Google Search Console can provide you that data.

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Google Search Console is an essential tool for your Law Firm's website. It is significantly more user-friendly than its former version, Google Webmaster Tools. In addition, it can be used by people with different levels of SEO expertise, including small business owners, hobbyists, and experienced SEO specialists.

Getting data and stats that reflect your current digital marketing efforts can help you decide your next move. Google Search Console can give you the data you need to optimize your marketing strategies and plan them out.

Here's a list of data reports you can access through the Search Console, and how you can use them to improve your Lawyer SEO.

1. Content Keywords Reports

The most commonly found keywords on your site, as assessed by Googlebot, and are listed in Google Search Console's reports. This is an excellent tool for content creators to track the progress of their content marketing campaigns.

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Cross check this list against your own keyword lists for any inconsistencies or contradictions. For example, if a keyword has a significantly lower (or higher) search volume than expected, it's time to evaluate the content and make the necessary changes.

You can find the Content Keywords report on Google Search Console under "Google Index". You should regularly check on this to make sure you're on the right track.

2. Mobile Usability Reports

Since Google launched its mobile-friendly upgrade, it's become a strong incentive for web admins to make their sites mobile-friendly. The update subsequently improved the rankings of mobile-optimized sites and web pages in mobile search results.

You can go to Google Search Console's Mobile Usability Report to track your site's mobile usability. In addition to keeping track of your mobile compatibility, the data might clue you in on where you need to improve. The report will show any lapses affecting your site, bugs, errors, and how many of your pages are affected.

Go to "Search Traffic" then "Mobile Usability" to find the report. Check in frequently to see how your site is doing on mobile, especially if you make significant changes.

Remember: You can also use Google's Mobile-Friendly Test. Enter your URL, and the test will determine whether or not the page is mobile-friendly.

3. Crawl Errors

Google sends out "crawlers" to assess publicly available online pages. Crawlers follow links on those pages and gather as much data on your site as possible. After a site crawl, Google then creates an index. When people use Google's search engine, their algorithms use this index to look up keywords and identify the most relevant pages.

That said, site crawls can determine how your page is doing in the rankings. Fortunately, the Search Console allows you to find errors and other issues that might prevent your site from being crawled.

To find these issues, the Crawl Errors page displays all of its crawlers' errors while attempting to access your web pages.

4. Crawl Stats

As mentioned, site crawls are an important step in deciding how your page ranked. If Google doesn't crawl your pages, they don't get indexed. You can go check your Crawl Stats and see how many pages have recently been crawled by Google's bots.

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You'll want to get as many pages crawled every day as feasible while spending as little time downloading as possible. So keep an eye on it every few weeks for any unusual or anomalies. If you notice a decrease in the number of pages crawled every day, you may have some crawl issues that need to be addressed.

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