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Holiday Content Marketing Guide for Texas Lawyers

Leverage Holiday Trends And Keywords For Your Texas Law Firm

Some times of the year, specific keywords and topics will spike in search volumes. The rise in traffic and keyword viability is an excellent opportunity for Texas law firms to leverage and boost their Lawyer SEO and content marketing efforts.

That said, how do you even begin to incorporate the holiday cheer into your Texas lawyer blog? First, let's look at how content marketing for firms works and how you can use seasonal holiday keywords to boost Texas law firm marketing.

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A Brief Intro To How Content Marketing For Attorneys Works

Content Marketing for Lawyers is a great lead generation strategy when done right. The goal is to create good legal content that will attract audiences and bring in traffic and conversions to your law firm website.

In other words, you attract traffic by creating content that the audience needs. This need or demand for content spikes during certain seasons, such as the holidays.

For example, a food blog might use keywords related to gingerbread and other holiday-related recipes towards the end of the year. This is because more people are looking up these topics as they're trending. The same applies to Texas legal blogs, where big news and other trends become viable opportunities to get good traffic from relevant content.

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So, how do you leverage a topic trend for law firm content marketing? Here are a few ways:

#1: Look For Relevant Keywords

SEO experts emphasize regularly doing a fresh run of keyword research. This is because even keywords that apply all year can lose search volumes or get overtaken. So, you should be able to spot a couple of seasonal keywords here and there, which will help your content creation and optimization process.

This also means you should select the keywords beneficial to your law firm. In addition, you want to make sure it's relevant to your legal topics, has enough search volumes, and matches your publishing content.

#2: Write About Timely Holiday Topics In Texas

The holidays bring certain practices, occasions, and news headlines that can increase interest in specific legal topics. Then, depending on your law firm goals and strategies, you'll be able to write something relevant to those legal topics.

Here are a few examples of legal topics you can write about in the holidays.

  • Personal injury law firms can publish content about the dangers the holidays might bring. For example, you can write about drunk driving during celebrations, injuries from busy crowds, defective holiday lights and other products, hazardous food items, etc.

  • Business law firms can discuss legal documents, possible lawsuits, etc. Since the holidays are often associated with increased business, people might look up legal content related to such.

  • Criminal defense law firms can talk about DUIs and other topics that might show up in the news.

These are all examples of the many legal topics that can be relevant to the holidays, despite them not initially linked at first glance.

#3: Talk About Holiday News

Aside from writing legal guides and articles, you can cover timely news. For example, if there's been a DUI case from a holiday party, that would be a great way to incorporate into a discussion of DUI topics like tips, informative content, do's and don'ts, and so on.

Of course, the news has to be relevant to your lawyer's content marketing strategy. If you're primarily trying to attract personal injury clients, it's best to stick to those, as you want people who are interested or are looking to become personal injury clients.

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