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How Texas Law Firms Can Use Google Search Console

How This Free Tool Can Boost Your Law Firm SEO Strategy

If you're implementing Law Firm Marketing in Texas, you must fully utilize Google Search Console. Although free to use, it is still widely employed by Lawyer SEO experts to measure and analyze crucial data.

That said, what are the Google Search Console features that would boost Law Firm Marketing in Texas? How does that affect your law firm's ROI? Let's discuss:

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1. Monitor The Progress Of Your Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy

Google Search Console provides content keyword reports. This is a fantastic feature that helps content authors evaluate the success of their content marketing initiatives. SEO practitioners can better manage their efforts in this area by knowing whether particular methods are effective.

Cross-check this list of keywords against your own keyword lists to check for any inconsistencies. This is a great way to aid keyword research for lawyers, helping you find what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, and what you need to change. For example, this tool will allow you to find the best SEO keywords for family law, monitor how that's affecting your ROI, and help you decide whether you should change things up.

2. Gain Insight Into Your Lawyer SEO

Your one-stop shop for finding out how frequently your website shows in Google search results is Search Analytics. You can observe the fluctuations in your search traffic over time, the sources of it, and the queries that are most likely to lead to the display of your website.

Additionally, you may see which searches are done on mobile devices and which Google search results pages have the highest click-through rates. Unsurprisingly, Google Search Console's Search Analytics feature is among the most popular.

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This particular tool offers marketers a simple approach to evaluating the search performance of their site and making any necessary improvements. As a result, you may concentrate your efforts on what is currently working and reduce your losses on what is not by knowing which inquiries and pages receive the most clicks.

Additionally, you can utilize this information to improve your mobile targeting and the mobile user experience of the corresponding pages by understanding which searches are done on mobile devices.

3. Monitor Mobile SEO For Your Texas Law Firm

Visit Google Search Console's Mobile Usability Report to monitor how your website works on mobile devices. In addition, you may watch your mobile compatibility and find areas that need work there.

Any flaws affecting your site will be highlighted in the report, along with how many pages specifically have the issues. You can then start working on making your law firm website more mobile-friendly.

4. Check If Google Is Finding And Indexing Your Law Firm Website

So that Google can correctly index your pages, you should address these problems as quickly as you can. You should also look at Crawl Stats. This reveals the percentage of your sites successfully crawled during the previous 90 days. You may also check the number of pages downloaded in a given amount of time and daily kilobytes.

Most pages should be crawled daily, and the least amount of time should be spent downloading. Check this periodically for any peculiarities or abnormalities. For example, if the number of pages crawled each day declines, you might have some crawl problems that need to be resolved. Similarly, if you notice a rise in the amount of time spent downloading, you probably have a loading speed problem that has to be fixed.

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