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GMB For Law Firms: How To Add A Logo To Google My Business

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Logos, Branding, And Images On Your Law Firm's Google My Business Listing

Branding can help a law firm stand out. However, when someone's looking through local listings, there will be a slew of other law firms to compete with. Thus, you need to make sure all clients and potential clients have all the information they need and show off branding whenever possible to be more memorable.

Remember: Logos and branding play a huge role in law firm marketing, no matter how small they seem to be.

So, let's talk about branding, logos, and staying memorable on Google My Business:

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How To Add Your Law Firm's Logo On Google My Business

Unlike social media, there's no profile picture section on your Google My Business listing. However, you can still add a logo on your header. You can change it by:

  • Go to Google My Business

  • Click on your law firm's business profile

  • Click "website"

  • Click "Edit Header Photo" on the right

  • Drag and drop or upload a chosen photo

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Again, since this is a header, you need to make a rectangular image file that will show up once someone opens your listing in the SERPs. Some law firms will even add color schemes and tack on quotes and other information.

Remember: You can upload any photo as a header. It doesn't have to be a logo. For example, it could be a photo of your office, your location, a group photo of your legal team, and other professional photos. However, some of these photos can also be added to your GMB, regardless of whether you want to put up your logo or not.

Why Is Your Law Firm's Logo Important?

Logos are an essential aspect of branding.

When building a brand, you emphasize qualities that make you stand out. Thus, branding could be represented through simple things like the way you communicate and phrase your words, your color choices, images, content, and, of course, your logo.

Why Should You Set Up A Google My Business Profile?

Google My Business (GMB) is a Local SEO staple. When people look up law firms in their area, they'll be presented with listings from GMB, complete with information about the law firm—such as name, address, phone number, email, website, photos, videos, and Google Reviews.

An optimized GMB for law firms can boost their marketing efforts and ROI.

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