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How To Get Your Law Firm Rank in Google's Local 3-Pack

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

A Brief Introduction To Google 3 Pack, Why You Need It, And What It Takes To Get On It

When a user does a local search, the Local Pack appears at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). It's also known as the Google Map Pack, the Local 3 Pack, and the Google 3 Pack.

As assessed by Google's search algorithm, this 'local SERPs pack' contains the three most relevant results and is unique from the remaining organic search results.

That said, this could be a huge marketing opportunity. After all, getting on the Google 3 Pack means your law firm's information will be one of the first things people see on the SERPs. Hence, it needs to be part of your law firm marketing strategy and a Lawyer SEO goal.

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When Does Google Show A Local Pack?

If you try doing a Google Search right now, here are the three ways a Local Pack might show up in your search results:

  • A user includes the name of the targeted geographic area, such as the town or city. (i.e., when users type "California")

  • A user's search query includes the phrase "near me." Google will utilize GPS monitoring to determine the exact location from where the user is searching. (i.e., when users type "lawyers near me")

  • A user will type "lawyer" into the search box without any other information. Google will recognize that this person is most likely looking for a lawyer or a law firm and will consider their location when determining the most relevant results.

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What Makes The Google 3 Pack Different From The SERPs?

Because the Google Local Pack algorithm differs from organic SERP listings, you'll need to consider Local Pack SEO separately.

The primary difference is that the Google Local Pack includes explicit calls to action, such as visiting the website or making a phone call. Another significant distinction is that the Local Pack contains brief information about a business that the user will naturally find helpful, such as its location and operating hours.

These elements increase the value of these placements for both the searcher and the top-ranking local law firms.

What Can I Do To Boost My Law Firm's 3 Pack Ranking?

To begin climbing the Google Map Pack rankings, you must first claim your Google My Business Profile.

After you've claimed your GMB profile, you'll need to fill it out with the necessary details. This entails filling out all of the required forms and uploading images of your law firm.

Side Note: Google My Business is an excellent law firm marketing tool in general. Aside from getting included in the Local Pack, setting up and optimizing your GMB listing alone can boost Local SEO and visibility.

What Are The Ranking Factors of The Google 3 Pack?

Google analyzes the following factors when choosing which GBP results to return for a query:

  1. Proximity (how close your law firm is to the searcher)

  2. Prominence (how well-known your law firm is)

  3. Relevance (how closely your law firm is related to the search query)

The algorithm will also give preference to listings that are kept up to date and accurate and offer helpful information about the firm.

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Because most clients won't look past the first page of results, your firm must rank well for various search queries. So make sure you're working hard on your Lawyer SEO to send favorable signals to Google.

Remember: Google aims to bring the searcher the most relevant and valuable search results. Since most high-ranking websites are considered high-quality and trustworthy, they're often subsequently ranked higher up in the Local 3 Pack, too.

After you've claimed and optimized your listing, Local SEO should be the next step in increasing your online presence.

Small local firms frequently obtain a competitive advantage over national chains in local rankings. The Google algorithm prefers well-optimized GMB listings over more traditional SEO ranking variables in local SERPs.

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