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How To Write Great Meta Descriptions For Your Pennsylvania Law Firm Website

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Optimizing Meta Descriptions For Better Law Firm Lead Generation In Pennsylvania

Meta descriptions are displayed as short paragraphs underneath your links appearing in the SERPs. They are the summary of your page describing what people expect when they click on it. While they aren't really a ranking factor in Lawyer SEO, they still facilitate clicks and attract audiences.

So, why are meta descriptions important, and how can you get the most out of them? Let's discuss:

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Meta Descriptions Aren't A Ranking Factor, However:

As mentioned, meta descriptions aren't a Pennsylvania Lawyer SEO ranking factor in a way that backlinks and on-page keywords are. This is because search engines don't take them into consideration when comparing and ranking pages, but the people looking through the SERPs do.

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People who use Google or other search engines don't just look at the title; they might also check the meta descriptions to get a summary of your page. Remember, people are looking for specific answers and solutions to their problems, so they'll sometimes go through the meta descriptions to help them decide which search result best fit what they're looking for.

Since several other pages are ranking for the same keyword in the SERPs, a good meta description might be the one that helps you stand out.

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5 Tips On Composing The Best Meta Description For You Pennsylvania Law Firm Website

Now that we've discussed how meta description contributes to Pennsylvania Lawyer SEO and law firm marketing, here are the best ways to compose and optimize them:

1. Don't Make Them Too Long

Generally, don't go beyond 160 characters for each meta description. Anything that's too long gets cut off by an ellipsis, so if there's any crucial information at the end of your meta description, searchers might not be able to see them.

You want the most important part of your meta descriptions close to the beginning of the sentence or paragraph. This way, it has the least risk of getting cut off.

2. Be Concise

Meta descriptions should be a good summary of what the searcher should expect from clicking on your page. You want to be clear, concise, but still attention-grabbing. Save the fleshed-out explanation for the content on your page.

3. Use Your Main Keywords

Having your main keyword in the meta description lets the user know your page has what they're looking for. In addition, keywords in the meta description should help highlight the crucial topics and content on your page.

On the other hand, you shouldn't stuff your meta descriptions with keywords. One or two is enough, but a few too many make your meta descriptions hard to understand or too wordy. Additionally, keywords on meta descriptions aren't ranking factors, so you shouldn't have to be too focused on getting as many as possible.

So, choose one that represents your page the most instead of using multiple keywords.

4. Avoid Duplicates Meta Descriptions

Duplicate pages, in general, are bad for your Lawyer SEO. Therefore, ensuring each page is distinct, including meta descriptions, is a must.

To help you catch possible duplicates, you can put them in a spreadsheet to easily monitor all of your meta descriptions. This is also a great way to manage character length and keywords.

5. Hint At The Possible Value Of Your Page

Remember, the best type of content is helpful or valuable to the audience. So, hinting at what people might get out of your page is a great way to get them to click on your links.

For example, highlight how your tips can help employment law clients or how the information on your page will help personal injury clients make the best legal decisions.

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