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How To Write SEO Headlines For Law Firms

A Quick Guide To Lawyer SEO Headlines Composition

Writing legal blogs take a long time. However, just because there are fewer words in your headline than in the blog's text doesn't mean you shouldn't give it much thought.

Headlines have a significant influence on your Lawyer SEO. This post will discuss tips on how to compose the perfect SEO-friendly headline.

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1. Know Your Target Audience

Like any effective marketing method, writing headlines begins with your target audience. For your headline to be compelling, you must know precisely who you're talking to and trying to attract.

So, before you start writing headlines, figure out who your target audience is. Who are you marketing to? Is it a worker who just got fired? A beneficiary to a will? An older audience? Someone who just got in an accident?

Remember: Make sure your headline appeals to the people you want to read your content. Lawyer SEO is all about attracting potential clients. Legal blogs don't openly advertise your law firm, but it's trying to draw people in by providing them with content that will satisfy their needs.

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2. Give The Audience An Incentive

If people are going to spend the next few minutes reading your content, there has to be an incentive in doing so.

Consider the reader, put yourself in their place, and start writing headlines that speak directly to their needs. Write a title that gives the reader a cause to click or read based on what you know about them.

Remember: Think of this as a promise. You promise a benefit or incentive from reading your content.

Here are a few things you can promise in your headlines:

  • How the content will resolve an issue

  • How the blog will answer pressing questions

  • How to make life easier for the reader

3. Speak To Your Audience Directly

Directly speaking to the audience can be a great draw. You can either use titles that directly address them or use keywords they are likely to use when asking questions.

For Example:

Here are a few ways to use first-person keywords:

  • Can I Be Fired For Suing My Boss?

  • What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

  • Can My Boss Fire Me For Being Disabled?

Alternatively, you can utilize language that specifically addresses the audience you're attempting to reach.

Here are some examples of conversational titles:

  • Can You Get Fired For Suing Your Boss?

  • What Can You Do After A Car Accident?

  • Can Your Boss Fire You For No Reason?

4. Use Some Data

Using figures or data in a headline is another approach to grab readers' attention quickly. Including numbers and statistics in headlines has been shown to increase the number of people who click on them.

The use of numbers indicates to readers that there will be specific takeaways.

For Example:

Try researching some data and try to apply them in your headlines. Here are some examples:

  • Why Were There 100 Motorcycle Accidents This Month?

  • 2 Out Of 5 People Don't Know Their Employment Rights

Important Note: The data shown above are just examples, so they aren't real numbers. However, you get the point. Numbers are a great way to catch the reader's attention.

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5. Emphasize The Urgency

Speaking of giving your readers an incentive, another way to do so is to hint at an urgency. You have to communicate the need to read your content, right here and right now.

Here are some examples:

  • Why You Need An Estate Planning Lawyer In 2021

  • Why Call A Lawyer Immediately After An Accident

  • Do I Need To Call An Employment Lawyer ASAP?

The point is, the incentive is in clicking the headline as soon as possible. So make sure to know who you're writing for and appeal to their immediate needs.

Remember: Of course, you might want to avoid sounding too clickbaity. Avoid over-the-top promises and exclamation points. You want readers to keep reading, not just click on your headline and leave immediately.

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