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How To Start A Legal Blog For Lawyer SEO

Updated: May 10, 2022

A Law Firm SEO Guide To Starting Your Blog From Scratch

Blogging is an excellent way to get your content out for SEO purposes. Think about how to set up your legal blog before you start, and you'll have less work to do later. Let's go over the steps to starting a new legal blog.

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1. Choose Your Practice Areas

Decide on the key issue and create posts about it. If you write about similar topics, users are more likely to return and read your prior posts. Thus, people will have a good idea of what to expect.

As with most legal blogs, your posts aren't just there to inform. They're there a way to direct users to you when they're in need of legal services.

So decide on the areas of law that you have the most experience in and write about those. This makes it so the clients you're getting are the ones you are best fit to handle.

This can also be a great way to promote your previous track record with related cases.

2. Research Your Keywords

Once you've decided on the areas of law you want to make content for, do some basic keyword research. You can use quick and easy tools to help you find competitive keywords you want to optimize for.

If you conduct thorough keyword research, you should develop a great list of terms for which you want to rank for. Try to come up with both competitive head keywords and less competitive long-tail keywords.

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3. Structure Your Blog

You'll be starting from scratch, so it's the best time to consider site structure. First, identify the most popular categories and topics in your chosen areas of law, find the most crucial head keywords for them, and use those keywords to produce thoughtful high-quality posts.

The first few posts you're going to write should be complete, engaging, and valuable. Then, you can make these first few blogs your main pieces of content. After you've produced your primary blog posts, you can write other blog entries on subtopics of that central theme.

For example:

Say you're looking to market your law firm in Personal Injury Cases. In that case, you should write one fully-packed post that discusses Personal Injury and the legalese related to it.

You can then start writing subtopics about the different applications for Personal Injury, like car accidents, slip & falls, and product liability.

Remember to always link back to your primary posts in these subtopics. That way, you'll be able to inform Google which of your articles are the most significant.

4. Optimize Your Posts

Various factors go into optimizing your content for search engines, but you can start with your keywords. Be mindful of the content you use them for, and make sure you're not stuffing posts with too many or too irrelevant keywords.

You can also change your URL to make them shorter or more readable. If you have any keywords that don't make sense grammatically, you can use them here as well.

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You should also add at least one photo or image in every post. If you have your own that you can share, use them. Making short videos is also an excellent blogging tactic.

If you don't personally have photos and videos to use for your blog, you can use plenty of royalty-free media for personal and commercial purposes.

5. Promote Your Blog

This is where your presence on social media comes in handy. Creating a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for your law firm can help you promote your regular content. Social media is an excellent law firm marketing medium that you can immediately get started on.

You can also send out digital newsletters via email on top of using social media. Allow people to sign up for it and send them your most recent entries and other relevant posts.

Do You Need Help With Content?

Blogging is an effective form of content marketing when consistent and optimized. If you need a little help, LawyerLeadMachine can help you come out with high-quality and consistent Lawyer SEO content. Review your Law Firm SEO options here.


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