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5 Law Firm Newsletter Tips

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Quick Tips On Lawyer Content Marketing Through Newsletters

When a user subscribes to your newsletters, it keeps your law firm in contact with them after they've left your website. However, you can't just send them regular emails to remind them of your existence; you have to get them to read your newsletter, too. After all, content marketing is most effective when potential clients find your content valuable—and for that to happen, they would have to read it.

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While reminders in the form of unopened emails can be enough to maintain brand awareness, an important function of newsletters is to convince or encourage an otherwise hesitant client to contact your firm. If they're not convinced by the time they've read some of your legal blogs, then maybe additional—perhaps more exclusive—content will be the final catalyst.

1. Don't Write A Sales Pitch

A newsletter can be a great way to promote your law firm, but it shouldn't read like a sales brochure. Instead, a newsletter should provide relevant information, and the value of that information is the main draw. Potential clients might quickly dismiss or unsubscribe to blatantly promotional content.

The stories in a newsletter should be written more objectively, like news stories and magazine features. Write your articles as if you were an unbiased third party, back them up with research, and write it with nuance. If you have a claim, idea, or quote, cite your sources.

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2. Carefully Think About Your Headlines

Like your blogs, your title or headline is the first thing your subscribers will see. It's also possible that they might be able to read them before even clicking on the email.

If it's uninteresting or unclear, it's very likely that the recipient won't even open the email at all.

Remember: Write headlines for the readers. People sometimes get so used to Lawyer SEO that they forget to think about the reader. Email newsletters aren't affected by search engines, so forget about keywords this time.

3. Proofread Your Work

You wouldn't send an unprofessional-sounding resume or CV to a potential employer. You should treat your law firm's newsletters the same way. It has to be proofread, devoid of typos and grammatical mistakes.

Remember: Like every other content you publish as part of your marketing strategy, your newsletters reflect your law firm's skill and professionalism. Poorly-written or typo-ridden newsletters will never be a good look on any business or firm.

Proofreading, revising, and rewriting are the most time-consuming and tiresome aspects of creating a newsletter, but they are essential.

4. Link Back To Your Website When You Can

You don't have to publish everything on your domain for it to boost your content marketing strategy. However, the goal of putting out content is to lead potential clients back to your landing pages.

You can try adding hyperlinks to common keywords or use links to refer to your citations. In some cases, you can also send clients an excerpt of the new blog post, then add a link with an anchor text that says "read more".

Remember: Newsletters are to keep you connected with prospective clients even after they leave your domain, but you should always encourage them to return.

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5. Don't Forget The Design

Photos, artwork, charts, quotes, and a colored or shaded box as a background can change the overall aesthetic of your newsletter. Because visuals and headlines are the first things readers notice when they move to a new page, they are drawn to them.

Additionally, images provide much-needed visual breaks from blocks of text. A page with nothing but walls of text can come off intimidating or boring.

You should also consider adding accent colors to your newsletters. To be fair, a black-and-white newsletter is better than nothing. But, if time and money allow, include an accent color in the design of your newsletter. A splash of color will help your newsletter stand out from other subscriptions in your recipient's inbox.

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