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GMB For Law Firms: When Is The Best Time To Post On Google My Business?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

A Lawyer Marketing Guide To Scheduling Your GMB Posting Times

Google Posts are similar to social media posts. You can use them for promotions and updates about your law firm. You can inform users about what's new in your law firm, upcoming events, special offers, and products.

Like social media posts, you want people to see and interact with them. That's when they're most effective in promoting your law firm. That said, there are ways to optimize your GMB posts, including posting times.

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What Makes A Good GMB Post?

Before we talk about posting times, let's list a rundown of how to optimize GMB posts for law firm marketing:

  • Good Grammar And Spelling. Make sure your posts are free of errors. This makes it look more professional.

  • Use CTAs. Prompt your readers into converting. For example, ask them to subscribe to your newsletter, hire your law firm, read your blog, or visit your website.

  • Provide Useful Information. Don't just promote your law firm. Make sure there's something valuable to the reader, such as benefits, offers, etc. For example, when promoting an upcoming event, make sure you're mentioning who and how it will benefit the reader should they participate.

  • Post At The Right Time. Posting at the right time ensures the right people (and the right number of people) see your post.

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Remember: You don't have to make every type of GMB post if you don't have to. Some updates and event announcements, on the other hand, might help you promote them. These event announcements and offer promotions are excellent opportunities for law firm marketing, so make sure you publicize them across all platforms.

When Should You Post On Google My Business?

When it comes to optimal posting times, it should be right around the times your target audiences are most active. This could be wildly different depending on which niche you're in.

That said, there are a couple of tips to help you post at the right times:

1. Post At Least Once A Week

Updating clients and potential clients on news and events is a great way to keep your profile active. You don't want to leave your profile un-updated for months to years on end, as it makes it look inactive or unmaintained.

2. Research Your Target Demographic

Who do you want to read your posts? The optimal posting days can depend on the demographic of your target audience. For example, if you're target clients are working professionals, they might only have the time to look up law firms on the weekends.

That said, market research should be a crucial part of your law firm marketing strategy, and it can be applied in multiple instances—including GMB posts.

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3. Do Tests

Testing is a difficult but crucial part of law firm marketing. Using some of the data you acquired through customer research, you can now start posting on what the data deems the most optimal days.

Then, you can compare which posts perform well based on these tests. That said, this process can't be done overnight. However, law firm marketing strategies constantly need you to adapt and make adjustments.

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