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How Do Lawyer SEO And Typography Work Together?

Updated: May 11, 2022

5 Tips On Choosing The Best Font For Lawyer Marketing

With the right typography, you'll be able to keep your audience's attention and complete your website. While not a direct Lawyer SEO factor, your typography is still very much part of your site design. After all, who wants to read a 2000-word article with an illegible font?

So, when you think your text font, alignment, and formatting have nothing to do with SEO and user experience, think again.

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The font you choose can say a lot about your website. It shows off personality and law firm brand. Even before site visitors read the first sentence on your blog, font and style will be the first thing they'll notice about the text.

Remember: If you were to post content on other platforms like social media, you'll need to adjust your font choices as well. For example, make sure the overlay text on your Instagram posts fits the platform.

So, before you go and decide on your font, think of the following considerations:

1. What's Your Blog's Personality?

Do you prefer a more serious, authoritative tone? Do you want your blog to look more elegant and minimalist? Do you want the reader to feel more relaxed and casual? Do you want to match your lighthearted tone with a nice font?

Remember: You can essentially choose a personality for your blog. You don't even have to be an expert in typography either.

The thing with fonts is that you can choose them by feel. So, for example, if you were looking to attract a younger audience with your legal blog, maybe it's best to steer clear of overly-formal fonts like Times New Roman.

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2. Consider Where You're Posting Your Content

The typographic choice is also influenced by the media via which the design will be shown. For example, long-form blogs above 1000 words should have fonts that are fit for more extended reading (don't choose something that gives you a headache after the third paragraph!).

Remember: You should also consider font styles when deciding between your site's desktop and mobile versions.

On the other hand, social media posts necessitate mobile-friendly typefaces because they are crucial to attracting younger audiences.

3. Avoid Fancy Fonts For Extended Reading

Decorative typefaces should never be used for extended readings and should only be used for titles and emphasized quotes. But, again, you don't want people to strain their eyes when they're reading your lengthy legal blogs.

Remember: For a more comfortable reading experience, choose neutral or familiar fonts.

4. Use Neutral Fonts

Neutral fonts can adapt and blend into most site designs. Serif or Sans Serif don't attract attention to themselves or create a tedious reading experience.

These typographic families come in a variety of sizes and styles (light, regular, medium, bold or heavy, narrow, condensed, extended, or small caps).

Remember: The start of your blog is the content. So you have to make sure nothing detracts the reader from reading the entirety of your blog post. Otherwise, they'll just get frustrated and find that information somewhere else.

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5. Make Sure Your Fonts Compliment Each Other

Find a pleasing font combination to use as the foundation for all of your blog posts. Then, determine which feature the fonts have in common: Are they all minimalist? Do their size and style work well with each other?

Remember: Having too many clashing fonts can really make your blog incohesive. As mentioned, people look at the font and formatting first, so it really contributes to someone's first impression of your blog.

Choose fonts created by the same designer to make it easier. Then, you'll have a better chance of finding other fonts with relatively similar appearances or structures.

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