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What Are Internal Links?

Updated: May 11, 2022

A Quick Guide To Internal Links For Lawyer SEO

Once you've planned and made your website for Law Firm SEO, you should look into other ways to optimize it for search engines. Internal links serve multiple purposes, and we'll discuss them in this post.

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Why Are Internal Links Important For On-Page SEO?

Any link on your website that connects one page to another is an internal link.

Your users and search engines use these links to find content and pages on your website. Users use links to browse through your site and discover the information they're looking for.

Search engines also use Links to navigate your site. They won't be able to find a page if there aren't any links to it.

Furthermore, they enable search engines to estimate their quality by sorting through linked pages and posts. The more links a page has, the more important it appears to search engines.

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What Do You Use Internal Links For?

As you're looking to further optimize your website, you might need to add hyperlinks. Here are a few helpful ways to incorporate them into your Law Firm SEO:

1. Improving Site Navigations

An accessible site is good for Lawyer SEO.

Links are an excellent way to organize your site, especially when you have a good amount of content for multiple areas of law and litigation services.

You can use your internal links to suggest further readings.

For Example:

If you're writing about a subtopic that can be further explained by a more detailed page or post, link them so users have easy access to them.

You can also use links so users have access to multiple pages and posts in one place. Just remember to stick with the site structure you've set in place.

2. Establishing The Relationship Between Pages

Google can figure out the relationship between pages, blogs, and other material by following links. By sorting through those pages, Google not only ranks your website as a whole but your pages in their relevant search terms as well.

For Example:

If you have multiple posts about Personal Injury Cases (i.e., car accident, bus accident, slip & falls, etc.), you should link them to the main page so that Google knows they are subtopics.

This is especially helpful when your Law Firm offers services to multiple states or areas of law. Not only does it organize your site for you and your users, but it also feeds essential data and stats that the algorithm considers in the rankings.

Using a crawler, Google crawls web pages by following internal and external links. This bot visits a website's homepage, begins rendering the page, and clicks on the first link.

3. Establishing Which Pages Are More Valuable

The more links a page has, the more valuable it is to the algorithm. Usually, your homepage will have the most links, so Google considers it the most valuable page on your website.

This also means that pages linked from your homepage will have more value. In addition, if fresh posts are linked from the homepage, Google will find them faster.

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Using the same principle means that your main topics (i.e., areas of law, like Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Business Law, etc.) will be more valuable than subtopics (i.e., car accidents, theft, breach of contract, etc.).

For Example:

Here's what your linked pages might look like in order of value:

  • Personal Injury

    • Car Accidents

    • Bus Accidents

    • Premises Liability

    • Slip & Fall

  • Employment Law

    • Wrongful Termination

    • Retaliation

      • Whistleblower Retaliation

      • Protected Actions

  • Discrimination

    • Age

    • Race

    • Gender

    • Sex

    • Marital Status

Before you start making content, you should already decide on your most important pages. It's easier to link additional pages and posts instead of digging through and organizing them in the future.

The Bottomline

The purpose of SEO is to direct potential customers to your provided goods and services—basically, to a website that will persuade them to set up an appointment with your lawyers.

Internal links are not only for organization, but they also let you dictate how you want Google to crawl and index your pages.

This also means that you shouldn't haphazardly link unrelated pages together. Search engines know if you are spamming pages with irrelevant links by looking at a slew of other factors—like your keywords.

What Can LawyerLeadMachine Do For You?

Lawyer SEO can improve traffic on your Law Firm's website simply by implementing practices that the algorithm favors. If this is your first time or you're hesitating on giving it a try, a little push might help. To get started on your SEO strategy, review your options here.


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