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4 Ways to Write A Blog Post Intro

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Quick Tips On Writing A Great Introduction For Legal Blog Entries

Your legal blog isn't just there to show off what you know about the law. It's there to attract attention, drive traffic, and convince users to become your law firm's clients. Well-written blog post introductions encourage your site visitors to keep reading—and in essence, keeps them on your website long enough to read, consider, and convert.

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People are used to making split-second decisions. The internet has allowed for fast access to everything you can ever imagine. This also applies to the content you want to read and consume.

Why You Need Good Intros

Anything that doesn't stand out as intriguing, entertaining, or valuable is likely to get passed on. If users don't find anything interesting about your legal guides, they can easily click off and find what they need somewhere else.

Remember: Your intros are the second most visible element of your blog, the first being your headline.

While most people will at least glance at your intro, not everyone will read the entire text. You need to pique their interest enough to get them to read the rest of your blog post. If something starts out uninteresting, everything else that follows it is likely to be boring as well.

This isn't something that writers can accomplish with just a powerful headline. Strong headlines might get people to click, but you need a great introduction to get them to stay.

Why You Need Strong Intros For Lawyer SEO

A primary goal of Lawer SEO is to keep the audience's attention long enough to convince them to do something. Sure, SEO gets you high up the search engine results for maximum exposure, but the number of site visitors you have isn't the only vital factor.

What you need are conversions. After all, the whole point of marketing your law firm is to get people to hire you for their legal concerns. Site visitors are great, but conversions and user interaction expand your client base and boost your ranking stats.

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What To Write On Your Blog Post Introductions

1. Promise A Takeaway

For content marketing to work, the content you publish on your legal blog should be valuable to the reader. When your blogs are helpful to users, you won't have to convince them to read them. Instead, users tend to seek out valuable content themselves.

So when you open a blog post about law-related topics, make sure to communicate that there is something readers will gain from it. Most times, valuable content can be in the form of tutorials, how-tos, and legal guides that either supply the need to know or teach users how to do something.

So, for example, you can write one to sentences describing how legal proceedings work, how attorneys investigate a case, or how insurance companies decide on your payout.

You can start with a simple "here's how..." near the end of your introductory paragraph. Then make sure to deliver on it within the body of the text.

2. Present A Problem

Searchers sometimes go on search engines because they have a problem. For law-related content searches, that problem could be potential grounds for suing someone.

For Example:

Instead of listing the legal definition of wrongful termination, you can start your introduction with the common problems associated with the case.

For instance, you can present the following ideas:

  • Getting fired for reporting to HR

  • Experiencing discrimination in the workplace

  • Getting fired after taking a maternity leave

When you associate problems with a legal proceeding, it implies that legal action is the solution to the problem. Acknowledging the problem will pique the interest of those who might be experiencing the exact predicament.

Remember: Sometimes, people don't even know they have a problem. For example, some people get fired or demoted for illegal reasons, and they don't know they have grounds for a legal claim.

3. State An Interesting Fact

Starting your blog with an interesting fact can set the tone for the entire post. The typical way to do this would be to show statistical data related to the topic or theme of your blog post.

Using statistical data, you can show the prevalence of an incident or legal proceedings brought in because of them.

For Example:

You can start your intro by mentioning how many car accidents there are in your state. High stats can show that no one is, unfortunately, safe from car accidents.

It gives readers some perspective on how common an occurrence it is and how often people need Personal Injury Attorneys.

Presenting the prevalence of a case or incident, you can argue that though your material might not be valuable or useful to the reader at present, it might be in the future. That way, users know what to do when an incident does unfortunately happen.

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4. Ask Questions

While not all users who go on search engines have pressing problems, they might have other law-related questions. These questions often require explanations of how the law or legal system works.

For Example:

Users might have the following example questions they need addressing:

  • Can my boss fire me for no reason?

  • How long does it take to file an Employment claim?

  • Can I sue the hospital for mistreating me?

  • Should I talk to insurance companies after an accident?

Whenever you ask a question in your intro, make sure it's clear you have the solution for it. Much like presenting a problem, it should be clear that you plan to deliver on what's being promised in the beginning of your post.

Remember: FAQs and keywords phrased as questions do well in Local SEO and Voice Search. So not only is it a great opening to a blog post, but it can also be an opportunity to use a keyword. So check the SERPs and consult your keyword research whenever you decide to start a post with a question.

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