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Easy Tips On Link Building For Law Firms

Updated: May 11, 2022

How To Get More Backlinks For Lawyer SEO

Aside from keywords, links are one of the most crucial factors of Lawyer SEO. Site crawlers heavily use links to extract data and rank your pages. The better your linking strategy, the better for your law firm's website. While working on your internal linking strategy, make sure you're also building a backlink profile that will propel your SERP rankings.

So, let's talk about backlinks, how to get them, and why you need to manage them.

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What Are Backlinks?

As said, Google (and other search engines) rely on links to get a page's data and rank them. This is why your internal links should be well-structured and properly assigned anchor texts.

While internal links are links that take a user from one page to another within your site, backlinks are links from third-party sites that point back to yours. This is crucial since two pages are essentially considered associated when one of them links to the other.

So, for example, if you get a backlink from an established and reputable site, it will count as a "vote" that attests to your site's reputability. On the other hand, if you get a backlink from a shady and spammy page, then you'll be associated with spam and low-quality content.

Remember: You need to make sure you're getting backlinks from reputable sites. Too many links from spam and low-quality pages will negatively affect your Lawyer SEO.

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Where Do You Get Quality Backlinks?

Good backlinks usually come from a reliable and relevant source. This can take the form of a directory listing, a blog or essay, or even a YouTube video. Additionally, government entities, educational institutions, renowned local or legal directories, community websites, trustworthy organizations, and social media websites are all considered credible sources by Google and other search engines.

Here are a few sites that can provide you with Lawyer SEO-boosting backlinks:

  • Law Firm/Lawyer Directories. Firms may need to subscribe to directory sites or may be allowed to list for free, depending on the site. That said, visitors who come from a legal directory are likely to be high-intent searchers looking to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Thus, these referral visits are more likely to convert.

  • Educational Institutions. Quality backlinks to your site are provided by educational institutions, such as your law school or undergrad alma mater. Consider creating content for the school's blog or website or adding a link to your alumni directory page.

  • Local Business Directories. Local business directories like GMB and Yelp allow you to create profiles and include your website links.

  • Fundraisers and Charities. If a legal practice has donated to a local charity, volunteered, or conducted a fundraiser, it is not just a backlink opportunity, but also for some additional PR.

  • Local Networks And News. Offering your knowledge to a writer writing a relevant piece for a large news organization is a terrific approach to get some press, establish credibility, and gain visibility.

  • Social Media Profiles. Create a business profile for your company on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, with a link back to your website.

One of the easiest ways to easily and quickly target link opportunities is to look at what your competitors' sites are listed and see what they are doing with their websites. However, an offsite competitive analysis requires a link-building tool and a little elbow grease.

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Additional Tip: Try Guest Posting

Of course, if you keep creating link magnets (i.e., high-quality and unique legal blogs and guides), you'll eventually get a few citations and links. However, waiting for other sites and bloggers to link to your website might take a while.

Instead of waiting for them to make content with mentions of you, you can start creating content for them. Guest posting is the easiest way to achieve this.

A lot of blogs allow guest posts. In other words, they're allowing other people to submit blog posts and articles to be published on their site. As standard practice, contributors are allowed to include backlinks in their author's bio or the body of the text.

Remember: These submissions are often reviewed by their editors, so applicants need to make sure they're submitting high-quality content.

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