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Is Internal Linking Important To Lawyer SEO?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Why Your Law Firm Website Needs An Internal Linking Plan

When it comes to Lawyer SEO, it's no secret that content reigns supreme. Every blogger understands the importance of attracting both search engines and site visitors while writing high-quality content. However, content is insufficient on its own. Internal linking helps by directing crawlers and visitors to other pages.

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What Are Internal Links?

In short: Internal links are links from one page that direct to another within the same domain. It could be a link to a category (like an area of law), the main site navigation (like the homepage and landing pages), similar content (citations of previous articles), and so on.

Remember: Internal linking is critical for any website because it aids in developing site design and the distribution of link juice.

Developing an internal link structure has various benefits, including improving website authority, usability, page connections, user experience, and even your rankings.

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What Are The Benefits Of An Internal Linking Plan?

While internal linking sounds like it's a lot of work, it has long-term benefits that will help your Lawyer SEO in the long run. The longer you wait to do it, the more work you're going to need to do to organize your pages in the future.

Here's a list of reasons why to do it now, or—even better—why you need to do it from the start:

1. Increases Usability

Internal linking helps users navigate your law firm's website. Here are a few applications that improve usability:

  • Using relevant links within your article.

  • Your anchor texts give context to the content or link.

  • You can add them in CTAs, so users don't have to click around for your landing pages.

  • You can cite more comprehensive content of a topic or keyword you briefly mentioned in the text of a blog post.

2. Link Juice Distribution

Link juice determines the hierarchy and relevance among your pages. In short, it is a measure of a value of a link from one page to another. This can be used to tell crawlers which of your pages are the most important, which of them are relevant to each other, and which should be given priority when ranking your website.

Remember: Internal linking allows you to distribute the link juice from one page of your site to another.

3. Encouraging More Traffic To Other Pages

Your readers will be more likely to read additional articles if you present them with relevant content through internal links.

Think of it as keeping your readers on your site as long as possible. Instead of leaving them to browse for content, you suggest other posts relevant to what they're already interested in. After all, they're already reading a post on one topic, so you might as well give them something similar.

This aids in increasing the conversion rate of your website. Followed links generally increase page views. Thus relevant linking will assist new people in discovering new pages on your website.

4. Reduces Bounce Rates

As we briefly mentioned earlier, presenting readers with internal links as forms of "recommendations" can encourage them to stick around longer. Instead of immediately leaving your site after they got what they're looking for, they might consider doing further readings on your linked content, reducing bounce rates.

The term "bounce rate" refers to a visitor that only stays on your website for one page and then leaves. If the blog post you're internally linking to has real value, you can keep visitors on your site longer and lower bounce rates.

Remember: The bounce rate is an important metric to monitor because it significantly impacts your search engine rankings.

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5. Helps Crawling, Indexing, And Ranking

When a new blog post or page goes live, you need to wait for bots called "crawlers" to gather data from your site and index it. After it's been indexed, Google then decides the rankings based on that data.

With that in mind, internal linking is how you tell crawlers where everything is, what they are, and how your pages are related to each other.

Remember: Crawlers are meant to mimic a user's thought process. They'll go to your website and click on all of the easily indexed links and pages. In addition, these links can help you rank higher in general by boosting other pages.

These bots will identify less visited pages, so a good internal linking structure really does help with discoverability.

What Can Attorney SEO Experts At LawyerLeadMachine Do For You?

Lawyer SEO can improve traffic on your Law Firm's website by implementing practices that help indexing, user experience, and domain structure. To have an expert help boost your SEO, you may review your options here.

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