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Link Building Strategies For Law Firms In 2022

Getting Law Firm Backlinks To Boost Lawyer SEO

Law firm backlinks are essential off-page Lawyer SEO ranking factors that can significantly affect your progress. While working on on-page optimizations on your website, you need to ensure you're giving the same attention to your backlinks. Ignoring one aspect of Law Firm SEO won't bring you significant ROI, even when you're doing your absolute best on the other.

Let's go over link building for law firms, how it benefits you, and the fast and easy ways to do it.

Link Building Tips for Lawyers

What Are Law Firm Backlinks?

Backlinks are essentially external links from other websites that point back to yours. You can easily access your backlink profile through Lawyer SEO programs and tools like Google's Search Console.

So, for example, if you link an article or post in your blog, that will count as a backlink to the article's source. Likewise, if a website links back to you on one of its pages, that will count as your law firm website's backlink.

Why Are Law Firm Backlinks Crucial?

It is a sign of trust when you link to someone else's website. The more domains or sites connect to your page, the more "votes" it will receive. Backlinks referring to you after search results ranking are taken into account by search engines.

This is why reputable and well-known websites are frequently linked in articles and blog posts. If they are frequently cited as reputable sources of information by bloggers and content providers, search engines will give them a boost in the search results.

Similarly, search engines consider it a recommendation if credible websites link back to you. As a result, backlinks increase your "domain authority," making your site more valuable than your competitors.

Link Building Strategies for Legal marketers

What Is Link Building For Law Firms?

Simply put, link building is when you implement strategies to get more backlinks for your law firm website. So, instead of waiting for backlinks to come, you could implement a link building strategy that will boost your chances of getting these backlinks and improve your Law Firm SEO.

However, there's more to link building than just getting backlinks—you need to manage and maintain your backlink profile. With the right Law Firm Link Building Tactics, you'll be able to speed up your ROI and optimize your off-page Lawyer SEO.

2022 Link Building Strategies For Legal Marketers

Now that you know how backlinks are crucial for lawyer SEO, here are some quick and easy Link Building Tips for Lawyers:

1. Write Link-bait Content

Many law firms develop one-of-a-kind information that users can't get anywhere else, which acts as a helpful resource or answers a prevalent industry issue. The goal is to build something that other websites would enthusiastically link to as a source of information for a specific topic or assertion.

Bloggers and editorial writers may cite you if you provide well-written and comprehensive content regarding specific legal articles. So don't cut corners regarding the quality of your legal blog entries.

2. Find Unlinked Mentions Of Your Law Firm

When referencing you and your work in an article or blog, writers might forget or fail to link your domain.

When you or your law firm is referenced by name on another website, but there is no link back to yours, this is known as an unlinked mention. An easy link-building strategy is to find these mentions, contact the website, and ask them to link back to your site.

3. Get Your Law Firm Listed In Lawyer Directories

Your law firm's contact information and links to your website could be included in business directory listings. Some listings may also allow for online reviews and display a list of your firm's legal experience.

Some of these directories may list your firm for a cost or for free. You can request that your law firm be added to the list if it isn't already there. If you decide to put money away to get listed in paid directories, consider whether the expense is worth the increased visibility and traffic.

Law Firm Backlinks

4. Try Guest Posting

You may need to take action on your own because getting mentioned by blogs and online outlets isn't always easy.

Guest posting or guest blogging is the process of submitting content to a third-party domain. Guest posting promotes a writer's search engine results by increasing the number of links to their website, improving domain authority, and increasing domain authority.

You make a free educational contribution to a website in your field. You also have the unwritten right to link to one or more pages on your legal firm's domain because you're giving it away for free.

5. Disavow Bad Backlinks

Not all backlinks are good for your Law Firm SEO.

When a website links to yours, search engines link you to theirs. Therefore, if a respectable and well-established domain links to you, it suggests that websites regard you as trustworthy and relevant.

The same can be said for spammy and untrustworthy domains. If you have incoming links from content farms and spam-filled domains, your domain is automatically connected with them.

If you have too many of these bad links pointing to you, it will harm your rankings. So disavow these poisonous backlinks right away if this happens.

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