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3 Effective SEO Strategies For Law Firms

Updated: May 27, 2022

Choosing A Search Engine Optimization Strategy For Your Law Firm

With the growing importance of the internet in our daily lives, marketing strategies for lawyers are becoming viable opportunities to boost brand awareness, visibility, and trust. When done right, Lawyer SEO is a proven sustainable marketing strategy with great ROI.

That said, law firm SEO marketing has a lot of moving parts. The more SEO factors you optimize, the better you're going to rank. Let's look at the elements of the best SEO strategy for law firms:

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1. Start With A Solid Law Firm Website

The most crucial factor for any SEO strategy is a well-designed and well-structured website.

Your website should act as your online calling card. It has everything clients and potential clients need to know about your law firm—including your NAPs (name, address, phone number), offered services, law firm history, past cases and achievements, lawyer information, etc.

Remember: You want to make sure people can find everything they need from your law firm in just one centralized place.

Additionally, you also want to make sure that your website is appealing and easy to use. Remember, this might be the first time some people will come across your law firm, so you need to make sure you make the best impression.

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2. Choose Your Keywords Wisely

There is no such thing as "lucking out" in SEO. You can't randomly choose and optimize for a keyword and wish it would yield results.

First, you need to form a keyword strategy to rank for chosen keywords. Here's a list of easy steps you can take to find the right keywords:

  • Start With Seed Keywords. Make a list of all the possible relevant keywords. Think of seed keywords as your starting point—you'll use them to find better-performing keywords to optimize for.

    • For example, you can start your list with: lawyer, los angeles attorney, personal injury, employment law, california labor law, etc.

  • Do Keyword Research. Using your seed keywords, use a keyword tool or the SERPs to find high-volume keywords that are getting a lot of traffic.

    • That said, you don't have to aim for the highest volumes. High-volume keywords tend to have a lot of competition, so it's best to also optimize for long-tail keywords with lower search volumes but less competition.

  • Plan Your Keyword Optimization Strategy. Once you get a list of keywords, you need to plan how to optimize for them, including deciding which pages to optimize, which keywords to use, and avoiding keyword cannibalization.

    • Remember, you shouldn't be using all your keywords on one page. That would pose problems for your ranking.

3. Incorporate Local SEO

Law firms get most of their clients from the state they're licensed in. This means the people who live in your state, city, or county are more likely to be your clients, not only for the geographical convenience but for specific state laws.

That said, instead of ranking for global or national searches, you can prioritize local searches. Local searches are much less competitive, making ranking that much easier compared to high-volume general searches. Local SEO for law firms has been used to boost local visibility and a more targeted marketing strategy.

So, what's the difference between global and local searches? Here's an example:

  • Global Search Keywords are more general and, therefore, more competitive. Some examples:

    • "lawyer"

    • "personal injury lawyer"

    • "labor lawyer"

    • "car accident attorney"

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  • Local Search Keywords are more specific long-tailed keywords and, therefore, less competitive than global and national searches. Some examples:

    • "orange county contingency lawyer"

    • "california personal injury lawyer"

    • "beverly hills ca labor lawyer"

    • "lancaster california car accident attorney"

As you can see, there might be fewer searches for more specific local keywords. However, the people who'll need lawyers will look for ones near them.

Remember: Using local SEO keywords, you'll only compete with law firms from a specific area, as opposed to global keywords, which require you to compete with every single lawyer in the country.

That said, Lawyer SEO can be tricky. It can be challenging for law firms new to the game or too busy dealing with marketing. However, SEO is still a viable marketing strategy that could bring great ROI and sustainable gains. If you're too busy to deal with the nitty-gritty, you can always find marketing agencies that provide SEO auditing, marketing, and Local SEO services for law firms.

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