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Technical SEO Ranking Factors For Law Firms In 2022

Going Beyond Basic SEO Strategies For Your Attorney Marketing

If you've been researching how best to implement Law Firm SEO, you may have already encountered the basics: keywords, content, and links. These are crucial ranking factors you need to learn about and build strategies for to get the most ROI from your Lawyer SEO efforts.

That said, the basics aren't going to be enough—not if you want to achieve sustainable lead generation from Lawyer SEO. You also need to pay attention to technical aspects of the strategy, like website UX and HTML. Though technical SEO might sound too advanced for newbies, they're relatively easy to fix, optimize, and manage, even for small law firms and newer SEO practitioners.

That said, let's talk about technical SEO and why you need to look out for them.

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What Is Technical SEO For Law Firms?

Technical SEO involves improving your website's crawling, indexing, and rendering processes to improve search engine rankings.

Even with great content and good keywords, Google and other search engines still won't rank a page high if it doesn't meet the standards of a good website. If your website is slow, buggy, hard-to-read, or error-ridden, Google will usually deem it low-quality.

If you're implementing SEO marketing for attorneys, it's crucial to meet Google's (and other search engines') optimization standards to rank high. If crawlers and search engines detect bad UX from your law firm website, it will still affect your rankings no matter how good your content and keywords are.

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Why Pay Attention To Technical SEO For Lawyers

You still need the basics (like keywords and content) to achieve holistic Law Firm SEO. However, Technical SEO for Law Firms is how you build a solid foundation for your digital marketing efforts. If you have a fast, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly website, the more traffic you'll be able to get.

Additionally, even while search engine crawlers are becoming more adept at crawling, comprehending website data, and indexing web pages, they are still not perfect. Therefore, search bots won't display your pages in search results if Google crawlers can't figure out what's on your website, so you need to help them out from your end.

The crucial components of technical SEO for lawyers will help to improve user experience and website optimization. It ensures that your website delivers Google crawlers the best possible performance in a suitable environment.

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Critical Ranking Factors Of Technical SEO For Law Firms

So, what should you be optimizing on your website right now? Here are a few technical SEO ranking factors you need to address and optimize ASAP:

1. Mobile-Friendliness

More people are using their mobile devices to access the internet, so mobile-friendliness is now a must. Your website can look and feel the best on a desktop but will feel terrible on mobile devices if not optimized. This is because an unoptimized law firm website will shrink down on mobile screens and could cause usability problems.

2. Site Loading Speeds

Slow-loading sites are not only annoying for users; it's also a factor considered by crawlers. Remember, search engines want to give users the best information and experience, so if your website is slow, it's minus points for your law firm website.

3. Internal Linking

Crawlers go through all the links on your website to assess the content, pages, and keywords that are in there. If a page isn't linked anywhere on your site, crawlers can find them. So, make sure you have a solid internal linking structure that helps your site visitors navigate, and crawlers find what they need to see.

4. XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are crucial for Google to find and index your law firm website. You can easily create an XML sitemap and submit it via Google Search Console.

5. Broken Links

As mentioned, links are how crawlers and users get around. If you have any broken links and error pages, address them immediately. Remember, every page contributes to your overall site structure, so make sure to remove pages and links that you don't need, or you've updated.

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