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6 Tips For SEO-Friendly Law Firm Web Design

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

The Essentials Of Web Design For Law Firm SEO

While the mere aesthetic of your site design isn't a direct ranking factor for search engines, traffic and bounce rates are. Users hate slow, buggy, and uninteresting websites—so if they get frustrated or bored, they'll leave. Hence, website design is an essential factor in Lawyer SEO.

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1. Make Navigation Easy

Websites are designed to inform potential clients about your law firm and your legal services. You'll want your law firm's information and the content you publish to be easily accessible. The transition from one page to the next should be smooth and straightforward.

A site map on the front page is an excellent way to make navigating easy. Visitors can access any page from the landing or home page by clicking on it.

2. Choose an SEO-Friendly Domain Name

When you have enough brand awareness, you will start getting direct traffic. This means people are directly typing your URL into the browser. To avoid misspellings, make sure your domain name is easy to read and remember.

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Your domain name should also reflect the industry you're in. For example, when you read out your URL, it has to sound like a law firm (or something related to the law). However, you're also free to use your law firm's name without additional embellishments.

Remember: Whatever you decide, stick with it. Your URL is going to be involved in everything you do for Lawyer SEO.

3. Watch Your Loading Speed

Loading speed is a crucial part of any Lawyer SEO strategy. If it's slow or buggy, users might get frustrated and leave.

One of the things that directly affect loading speeds are the design aspects on your website—these include images, animations, buttons, embedded videos, etc.

Resize and compress large images, use web-friendly formats (i.e., PNG, MP4, etc.), and minimize distracting design details that only slow down your site.

Remember: Simple but elegant site designs work because they're fast and easy to navigate.

4. Make Sure Your Content Is Easy To Read

Use a writing or content presentation style that makes it easy for site visitors to get information from your site. You can use headings, avoid writing large walls of text, and use bullet points and lists to summarize advanced law-related concepts.

Remember: Content Marketing is only effective when users find value in the content you publish. For example, if your legal blogs are hard to read and your infographics are slow to load, it can quickly turn off potential clients.

5. Optimize For Mobile Searches

Site visitors use a variety of devices to access these sites. These can be smartphones, laptops, and desktop PCs. Additionally, these devices tend to use different operating systems and programming languages. Just because your site looks great on desktop browsers, that doesn't mean it'll look as good on smartphones.

That's why you need Mobile SEO.

Remember: Your website must be accessible from various devices without jeopardizing the content and information it can provide site visitors.

Additionally, mobile searches are becoming so common that Google now has Mobile-First indexing, where searches exclusively made on mobile devices are ranked among themselves. Keyword search volumes can also change depending on which devices (mobile or desktop) you want to optimize for.

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6. Optimize Your Images

Unlike your blog, headers, meta descriptions, titles, photos, and videos don't have any way to tell site crawlers what they're about.

Remember: This is why you're always advised to avoid putting important texts and keywords on images. Search engines have yet to develop technology that allows bots to decipher them easily.

In short, you have to tell search engines what's in them. So add captions and alt texts to all of your images and videos using relevant keywords. This also helps you rank in image and video searches.

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