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How To Start Twitter Marketing For Law Firms

Updated: May 11, 2022

Essential Tips On Building A Twitter Marketing Strategy For Your Law Firm

If you're experienced with social media marketing, you're aware that creating a successful strategy for a new platform takes time. Just because something has been working for you on Instagram doesn't mean it'll work as well on Twitter.

With that in mind, there are a few Twitter marketing best practices that might assist you in getting off to a good start.

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Tip #1: Set Your Twitter Marketing Objectives

The first stage, like with any new marketing project, is to define clear goals and objectives. It's critical to figure out why you're doing what you're doing.

Growing a social media following on a new platform will take time and resources, and you'll need to be able to explain why this endeavor is worthwhile.

Here are some examples of achievable goals for your business using Twitter marketing:

  • Strengthen brand linkage and raise brand awareness

  • Increase the number of visitors to your website

  • Improve your law firm's customer service capabilities and brand reputation

To assist you in creating your own strategy, do some research on your competitors or campaigns run by other firms.

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Remember: Your objectives must also be reasonable. You won't be able to amass millions of followers overnight unless your law firm is already a well-known brand.

While it's good to push oneself, your goals should still be to scale within the present capabilities of your team. An examination of competition data can help you develop better, more realistic goals that are still actionable.

Tip #2: Optimize Your Profile And Bio

After you've established your objectives, it's time to put your plans into action and create a branded profile for your business. If you already know how to use Twitter, you're probably aware that creating an account is simple, quick, and free.

After you've finished setting up your account, the following step is to make your profile more appealing. Here's how to do it:

  • Add a logo and a header image to your page. The majority of Twitter profiles are text-heavy. After all, it's a content-sharing platform. With this in mind, it's critical to include photographs on your page to highlight your brand's aesthetic and distinguish your profile.

    • Because their logo is basic and recognized, numerous brands utilize it as their profile photo. Consider utilizing a visual that is sleek, on-brand, and eye-catching when choosing a banner image.

    • Some businesses will change the banner graphic on a regular basis to highlight forthcoming events or special offers.

  • Size of Twitter's header. 1500 x 500 px is the ideal Twitter header size. With a profile image size of 400 by 400 px, the safe area is 1500 x 360 px. The maximum file size is 2MB, and JPEG and PNG files are both acceptable.

    • There are three mistakes to avoid while designing an image with the 1500 × 500 pixel dimensions:

      • All crucial parts should be within 1500 x 360 pixels, even if your banner is the correct size of 1500 x 500 pixels.

      • While animated GIFS are presently not supported for Twitter header pictures, Twitter will accept GIF files.

      • Keep an eye out for the space in the lower-left corner where your profile photo will appear.

    • With these pointers in mind, you'll be able to build a banner image that's just right for your new Twitter account.

  • Create an interesting bio. The short but strong snippet at the top of your Twitter page that gives visitors a 3-second glimpse into who you are as an organization is your Twitter bio.

    • Many firms utilize this area to promote a current campaign or just to display their corporate slogan. A link to your website's home page, or whichever landing page you want visitors to go to, should be included in your profile.

    • Your bio should be written in the same tone as your overall brand voice. Make your bio short and snappy if your page is hilarious. Make the bio fact-focused if you want your page to be informative.

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Tip #3: Regularly Post Content

Now comes the exciting part. Short-form content reigns supreme on Twitter. After all, the platform is set up in such a way that you're limited to 260 characters. Your tweets should be written to pique people's interests. If you want to promote long-form information, entice users with succinct, interesting copy and a link to your law firm's website.

Make sure you're posting tweets regularly. Tweets are like small bits of content. If you don't post any, people won't have a reason to follow you.

Additionally, you also need to make sure that your tweets aren't strictly promotional content. Post something informative like legal trivia and interesting quotes. Again, your Tweets are content, and filling up your timeline with ads isn't going to entice that many people to follow you.

While you don't have to tweet at the same time every day, you should tweet once a day at the very least. During busy hours, there should be a consistent plan in place to engage users. This keeps your company relevant by appearing in the feeds of your followers on a frequent basis.

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