5 Tips On Starting Your Law Firm's Social Media Account

Updated: Aug 20

Quick Tips On Starting A Social Media Account For Lawyer SEO

A lot of people use social media. The sheer volume of their user base allows for excellent opportunities for content marketing and Attorney SEO. Here's what you can do on social media and how you can maximize your Law Firm Marketing strategies.

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1. Your Law Firm SEO Strategies Are Different For Every Platform

When optimizing your content, you implement what a search engine's algorithm thinks is good content. For example, if you're optimizing for Google, SEO experts might also advise you to optimize Bing and other search engines.

This works the same way for social media platforms. What Facebook might deem relevant content might not be the same for Twitter and LinkedIn. If you're uploading videos on YouTube, you might optimize it differently from your posts on Instagram.

The key is to know what Law Firm SEO strategies are most beneficial to you for each platform you're on.

You can start by researching the user demographics for each platform. Doing so can help you adjust your content, tone, and interaction with the rest of your chosen site's user base.

2. Your Posts Should Also Be High-Quality

As we discussed in a previous post, high-quality content generates more traffic. Therefore, the more helpful your content is, the more people will stay on your page. If they're impressed by one of your posts, they might click on others in your backlog.

This means that while you're on social media for Law Firm Marketing, you can't upload or post strictly promotional content. So even if your audience already knew about you before, they still won't have anything to anticipate or come back to. If all of your posts are strictly promotional content, users will only need to see your feed once and never need to return.

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Your content should also be able to educate users who otherwise never thought they would need legal services. Not everyone knows about the law, so you never know when someone realizes they do. When they do become clients, your social media should be there for links to your website and contact information to set appointments with your law firm.

Your social media marketing is meant to reach more people, so you should also translate and implement the basic content marketing strategies as you would on your website.

3. You Should Be Consistent

As briefly mentioned, you want people to stay on your page for as long as possible. This is why it's important to come out with high-quality posts to keeps your audience interested.

In addition to that, you should be consistent with posting fresh and exciting content. Users who have been impressed by high-quality legal content might follow your social media account, so it's a missed opportunity if they don't see you pop up in their feed or timeline.

Users interested in your content might also anticipate your next post or upload, hence why some of them will follow your account.

However, if it's months since you came out with anything, it might get disappointing for them. Worse, users might unfollow your social media accounts because they're not getting content they expected to get when they followed you.

Link blog posts from your website and caption them with effective CTAs. This means that you also have to be consistent on your main blog to keep coming out with content for other channels and platforms. To avoid inconsistent posts or uploads, plan out your content, so you don't run into problems later.

4. Promote Your Social Media On Your Main Website

In the same way you're using your social media to promote your Law Firm's website, promote your presence on other platforms on your website.

Social media marketing can sometimes attract a different audience than your website (and vice versa), so cross-promote to improve your Lawyer SEO stats.

You can also promote your social media accounts on your email signatures, link them in your contact information, or incorporate them in your About Page.

The general rule is that you should send traffic to all your channels. More traffic on social media boosts your account on a platform's algorithm. More users coming into your website from your social media links benefits your search engine rankings.

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5. Interact With Followers And Users

Social media algorithm favors engagement. The more people who comment, like, follow, or subscribe to your social media channels, the more the algorithm recommends your content. High engagement also means your content or page is interesting enough for people to talk about and react to.

You don't even have to leave long walls of text to engage with other users. Instead, you can try thanking them or asking simple questions in the comment section.

Being responsive on social media encourages engagement from your audience. Some people might not leave comments or ask questions because they assume business accounts don't respond.

Always remember that you're representing your Law Firm, not an individual, so you should adjust your tone and approach accordingly.

How Can LawyerLeadMachine Help You?

You can start your Law Firm SEO Strategy by maximizing the benefits of your social media presence. SEO is all about adapting to the changing ecosystem of the internet and its millions of users.

If you're new or you're hesitating on giving Attorney SEO a try, LawyerLeadMachine can help you with that. Whether it's content production or Law Firm website automation, we can assist you. Review your options here.

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