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Website Analytics Every Lawyer Needs to Track

Keeping An Eye On Your Lawyer SEO Numbers

Analyzing how your website is doing is a staple task in SEO for lawyers. Not only do you want to keep track of your progress, but you also want to ensure you're taking the proper steps to improve your law firm marketing ROI.

That said, what numbers should you be looking out for? How do you process the data? And what do you do with that data? First, let's look at the crucial analytics that'll boost your law firm SEO strategy:

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Law Firm SEO Analytics You Need To Keep An Eye On

There are a lot of numbers and statistics associated with layer website analytics. However, these are the most crucial ones you need to pay attention to:

1. Site Visitors

Traffic, or more specifically, the total number of visits to a website. It is a vital component of any successful website, and Google Analytics makes it exceedingly simple to monitor.

Your website's traffic statistics indicate whether your lawyer website is expanding, staying the same, or declining. It's also helpful for monitoring the success of specific marketing initiatives. For instance, a significant increase in traffic following the publication of a guest post on a reputable site is a sign that you should continue doing this.

2. Origin Of Traffic

Just going by the numbers for traffic, in itself, can't give you everything you need to know about how your lawyer website is doing. You also want to see where the traffic is coming from.

Google Analytics breaks down the source of traffic into the following categories:

  • Organic Results come from people clicking on your links from the SERPs

  • Referral traffic that comes from other websites

  • Direct traffic from people directly typing your URL into their browse

  • Social media traffic

You may learn a few key details about your website from each source of visitors. This will enable you to identify which parts of your law firm SEO strategy are working, where you need to improve your traffic, and how to optimize your marketing strategy.

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3. Bounce Rate

When expressed as a percentage, the bounce rate measure reveals how many users leave your website immediately; Google refers to these as "single-page sessions." Ideally, you'll want more people will remain to view your website and convert the lower your bounce rate.

The type of website matters when it comes to bounce rates; blogs have different rates than landing pages, which have different rates. People leave immediately because they can get what they need within a few seconds of looking at their page.

That said, while a 0% bounce rate is impossible, that doesn't mean you should be getting very high rates. So, you'll want to look into what's making people click off your pages: it could be the content, the user experience, or other glaring reasons.

4. Most Active Pages

Google Analytics displays the number of page views and how those pageviews look as a percentage of total page views throughout the website. If you visit the Behavior area, you can see which of your sites receive the most traffic.

Knowing which sites are the most popular is crucial because this information provides concrete evidence of how your audience reacts. If you experiment with various content types, this is where you can start to evaluate what is working and create more of the stuff your readers enjoy.

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Why Should You Keep Up With Lawyer Website Analytics?

By showcasing how users interact with your data, website analytics is an excellent tool for improving the performance of your website. It gives you helpful information about your visitors and enables you to gauge how well your lawyer website operates.

Keeping track of your analytics has the following law firm marketing benefits:

Knowing Your Audience

Using their IP address, you may determine the location of visitors to your website. You can target the suitable areas by finding out where your visitors are.

Examine your client's online involvement and activity to see if they frequently use social media, connect with your email marketing, or attend your events and webinars. This allows you to see which marketing channels you should employ to find your next client.

Audit Your Current Attorney SEO Performance

Your website will receive more visitors as your marketing campaigns gain traction, increasing your match rate. In addition, there will be more named leads and sales prospects when you have more recognized companies since more leads can be tracked in your analytics system.

Get The Ultimate Law Firm SEO Boost

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We help you get more clients and increase digital visibility through site optimizations, content, and local search engine optimization with the help of marketing analytics tools for lawyers. Contact us for our All-Inclusive Law Firm Marketing Plans if you own or represent a law firm.

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