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Guest Blogging For Lawyer SEO

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

A Brief Introduction To Guest Posting For Law Firms

A legal blog is an effective law firm marketing strategy. When you publish high-quality, valuable content, you attract audiences to your law firm without openly advertising it. However, Lawyer SEO is a very competitive space, and sometimes you need some boost to let people know about your blog.

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What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest posting (or Guest Blogging) constitutes publishing content on a website that is not your own. Most people utilize guest posting to develop links to their websites to improve their search engine rankings.

How it works is you provide free instructional content to a website in your niche that regularly publishes information. Then, because you're giving it away for free, there's an unwritten rule that you can link to one or more pages on your own legal blog.

How Do Guest Posts Boost SEO?

As mentioned, Lawyer SEO can be very competitive. Even if your produce great original content, you still have to get people to see it. One way to get audiences to notice your domain is to submit guest posts to reputable, high-traffic sites. Doing so allows you to reach other audiences, and in turn, these audiences may click to your domain and read the content you have already published.

If you implement your Lawyer SEO strategies right, you'll eventually climb up the rankings. However, search engines like Google look at several on-page and off-page criteria to rank pages. So even if you produce high-quality content, Google will sometimes choose well-established reputable sites to rank first.

After all, these reputable sites already have an excellent track record when it comes to producing content. They're always cited by other sites and continuously get traffic.

Fortunately, you now know how to boost your site authority: getting links for reputable websites.

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Why Should A Law Firm Submit A Guest Post?

Guest Posting helps your Lawyer SEO in two ways:

  1. Publishing high-quality content to further your firm's content marketing strategy

  2. Backlinks that boost your site authority

As you're publishing high-quality content, it helps if you also boost them through promotions and backlinks. After all, sometimes good content isn't enough—you have to direct people's attention towards it.

What Can You Write As A Guest Post?

The types of posts you can write sometimes depend on the blog you want to publish to. Some prefer more laid-back and conversational content, while others prefer a more research-heavy, specialized language.

The following are a few examples of guest posts you might write:

  1. Legal article

  2. Instructional How-To's and tutorials

  3. Case studies

  4. Legal news

  5. Listicles

  6. Infographics

Your submissions are more likely to be approved if you follow their guidelines and write for their audiences. So take time to learn about the blogs you want to submit to even before drafting your manuscript.

Remember: Editors want guest posts to fit the style and theme of their publications.

What's A Good Guest Post?

Blogs allow guest posts from other contributors to drive traffic to their site. So if your guest posts are poorly written in some way, they might not accept your contribution.

Here are some qualities editors are looking for:

  1. Original - Unless the blog allows republished content, your guest post should not be found anywhere else. This also means that submitting plagiarized content will instantly get you rejected.

  2. Informative - If you've been looking to write guest posts, you might notice a common theme in the guest blogging guidelines: your submitted article must be informative. In other words, the reader should have takeaways after they read your article.

  3. Shows Your Professional Experience - Guest posts allow host sites to feature different viewpoints, and this diversifies their content and attracts more audiences. Guest contributors will have different experiences that provide valuable perspectives. So leverage your legal expertise when you write guest posts.

  4. Correct Grammar And Spelling - While editors are there to smooth out any rough edges, they're also swamped. Manuscripts with too many grammatical and spelling errors take more time to fix, so make sure yours is proofread and well-edited before you send them.

  5. Fits Host Blog's Guidelines - As mentioned, editors are busy. If your post doesn't fit the formatting, writing style, and information requirements stated in their guidelines, it will get rejected.

  6. Suitable For Host's Audiences - The host blog might not have the same audiences as yours. They might publish content for specific demographics, companies, or other lawyers. One quick look at their "about" page and reading some of their content might clue you in on who they're writing content for.

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What's A Bad Guest Post?

Because editors don't have much time, they'll reject or ignore unfit pitches almost immediately.

Here are a few that editors really hate:

  1. Plagiarized - You're passing off someone else's research, images, and statements as your own. Editors use tools to check for plagiarism all the time, so you'll get rejected right away. Worse, some blogs will even delete your contributor account if you were found out to post plagiarized content.

  2. Duplicated -You can't publish the same content on numerous blogs, not even with slight changes. Search engines like Google penalize or rank them low, so editors understandably refuse to publish work that's already published elsewhere.

  3. Poorly written - Bad grammar, spelling, and paragraph structure immediately get rejected. And even if you proofread and remove the apparent mistakes, your article still has to make sense. If you're going around in circles and don't offer any valuable takeaways, your submission is still going to get rejected.

What Can LawyerLeadMachine Do For You?

Lawyer SEO requires multiple steps that cumulatively boost traffic and conversions. Guest posting is a good off-page SEO strategy that will expose you to bigger audiences.

To get started on your content marketing strategy, you can review options to work with us here.


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