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What Is Anchor Text In Lawyer SEO?

Anchor Text And Its Lawyer SEO Function And Optimization

An anchor is a text that you click to get from one destination to another. It is essentially the text that gets highlighted when there is a link. Despite sounding innocuous, anchor texts are important to link building and your Lawyer SEO in general.

In this post, we'll go over why anchor texts are crucial and what you can do to make full use of them.

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Are Anchor Texts Important For Lawyer SEO?

The anchor text you choose is significant for several reasons:

  • Before your readers click the link, it tells them what to expect. Because anchor text represents the promise of what's on the other side of the link, they need to be relevant.

  • It informs Google's algorithms about the nature of your content. For example, Google's algorithms look at your anchor choices to make sure you're not spamming them and to figure out what you're linking to in your material.

This means anchor text is helpful for your audience as well as search engines. They're not only a sneak peek into the next page; they're also descriptions that help site crawlers identify what your content is all about.

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How To Use Anchor Text To Help Law Firm SEO

1. Use Meaningful Text

When deciding on an anchor text, make sure it has value to the reader and the search engines.

Remember: They need to be informative. The reader needs to know what to anticipate, and the crawlers need to know what's in the link they're following.

When selecting an anchor text, remember these tips:

  • Avoid using irrelevant text and descriptions of the destination page.

  • Try not to use generic terms like "click here", "read this", "this post", "this page", etc.

2. Avoid Using Naked URLs

In some cases, people will copy-and-paste the naked link and just be done with it.

To be fair, it's not like it will bring Negative SEO into your website. In fact, it probably won't cause any problems. However, doing so does not take advantage of anchor texts as a descriptive part of the link.

Instead of using a naked URL, use the page title as the anchor text. It looks cleaner and provides some Lawyer SEO benefits to your links.

For Example:

Look at the two anchor texts of the same links and see which one looks better:

While it's true that the first example can still inform the user on what the page is all about, but not as easy to parse as it would be if you'd used the page title in example 2.

3. Keep It Short

Create short anchor text that is succinct and has few words. It's more difficult for search engines (and readers!) to grasp if it has a lot of words.

Instead of highlighting entire sentences, you can select a brief but relevant word or phrase.

For Example:

Instead of using the entire sentence below as anchor text, just make use of the underlined text:

Catastrophic Injuries are especially severe, coming with higher medical costs and longer recovery time.

Users already know that the highlighted text will take them to a different post or page, and it is about catastrophic injuries—no need to include other descriptive texts.

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4. They Should Be Formatted Differently From Other Texts

Users should be able to identify links easily. If it blends into the rest of the text in your blog, they might miss them.

Changing the color of the text is the best way (and the most common way) to make your links stand out.

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