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Why You Need Google My Business For Law Firms

Updated: May 27, 2022

Why Should You Implement Google My Business For Lawyers?

If you've been perusing Lawyer SEO and Law Firm Digital Marketing guides, you might have come across multiple tips encouraging you to claim and manage your law firm's Google My Business account. It is almost a standard for companies (including law firms) to claim and manage their listings.

So, what is it about GMB that benefits law firm marketing? How does it help Lawyer SEO? How should you manage it? Let's discuss it:

What Is Google My Business?

GMB allows the creation of profiles, which can show up in the form of listings in the SERPs.

For example, if you type in "law firm in California", aside from a list of pages with the relevant keywords, you might also get GMB listings at the top of the SERPs. These listings comprise relevant listings, which are law firms in California for this example's case.

Claiming and creating an account is pretty simple. You only need to find your law firm on Google Maps, then set up your listing by creating a GMB account. If you have multiple law firm offices, you can also create separate listings for those.

Your listing is also going to include very important details of your law firm, such as:

  • Name

  • Address (Google Map pins)

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Website

  • Description

  • Reviews

  • Images

  • Videos

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People are getting a directory listing that would help them find out more about your law firm. Even better, if they're gearing up to visit an office location, they'd have all the address and contact information they need in one place.

Remember: Since Google is the most popular search engine, it's natural that SEO experts and digital marketing prioritize it in their quest to rank pages and boost their brand awareness. You could also benefit from embedded features and tools like Search Console and Google suite for Law Firm Marketing.

Why Should Your Law Firm Claim And Manage A GMB Profile?

So, what is it about GMB for Lawyers that are so important? After all, multiple marketing and Lawyer SEO blogs recommend it, but what's in it for you?

Let's list a few of the most critical factors:

Main Benefit #1: Helps Local SEO For Law Firms

GMB is a crucial part of Local SEO. This is because it often focuses on local, nearby locations.

So, for example, if a user types in "lawyers," Google immediately gives them nearby lawyers that they could walk or drive to in minutes. After all, there is no point in showing a user from California GMB listings of law firms in Minnesota.

Remember: Claiming and setting up your listing means local visibility for your law firm.

While you can still show up in the SERPs for local keywords, GMB listings show up in the local 3-pack. So the first thing people will see is a carousel of listings rather than a list of relevant pages. Not getting your law firm listed reduces your chances of getting discovered by local searchers.

Main Benefit #2: Works With Voice Search And Mobile Search

Voice Search utilizes Local SEO—including GMB—in so many ways. The best and most well-known example of this is when you ask your virtual assistant to "find law firms near me," They'll likely come back with GMB listings of local law firms. You can also ask your virtual assistant to do supplementary actions like calling the posted contact number and getting directions to the office location.

And yes, location is a crucial factor in how results are ranked in the SERPs. Google even can detect a searcher's location, so even if you just typed a general "lawyer" keyword in the search bar, you'll still get a list of law firms in your area.

Remember: Since Google strives to give its users the most relevant result, they'll pull up search results most useful to the user. Again, listings from other places don't benefit the user, so Google will return with local listings from the SERPs.

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Running And Managing Google My Business For Lawyers

It doesn't start and end with claiming and creating a GMB listing.

GMB is more than a business listing with your basic law firm information. You can audit clicks and traffic, allowing you to look at the possible impact your GMB listing has on your law firm marketing efforts.

Additionally, GMB is also the place for your Google Reviews prominently featured in everyone's listing. You'll also want to manage these reviews and avoid getting fake ones from malicious sources.

If you don't have the time or experience to manage your listing, you can always get some help from GMB SEO services, a Lawyer SEO agency, a GMB marketing agency, and marketing experts. That way, you can continue to work on your cases while your Local SEO is managed.

We Can Help Your Law Firm Get Listed on Google My Business!

Google My Business Listing is essential to the success of a lawyer's website, and it promises to bring in more website visitors, more profits, and more clients to help win their case.

LawyerLeadMachine has law firm marketing experts that help our clients understand and improve their Google My Business for lawyers and law firm listings. Consult with our experts now and find out how we can help.


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