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5 Google My Business Features That Boost Law Firm Marketing

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Important GMB Features To Help Your Local SEO Strategy

Google My Business (GMB) is good for Lawyer SEO and general Law Firm Marketing strategies. Just setting up your GMB listing is going to help you get more local prospective clients. However, your Google My Business account is more than just a business listing: it has other features that boost Local SEO.

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If you haven't explored all the useful Google My Business features before, here's a list of ones that can help your law firm maximize your listing:

1. Google My Business Insights

If you're employing Lawyer SEO, you know that auditing your performance is the best way to track your progress. Auditing your SEO and digital marketing campaigns will let you know what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, and what you need to remove and change.

You'll find information about how prospective clients look for your law firm, including:

  • Searches for your law firm name and other brand-related searches

  • Searches for a specific category, product, or service (i.e., law firms, personal injury lawyer, criminal defense attorney, etc.)

  • Searches for other law firms

Additionally, you can also look at the places users found you in—such as mobile vs. desktop searches and Google Maps vs. Google Search.

Then you can learn about the most common actions users on your listing take. For example, do they make phone calls? Do they ask for directions? Do they click on your website?

These insights can assist you in making better marketing decisions for your law firm.

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2. Google Posts

Think of Google Posts like social media posts—similar to Facebook and LinkedIn posts. They can be found on your GMB listing and in your knowledge panel.

Like social media posts, Google Posts can be used to communicate a variety of things, including:

  • Promotional content

  • Law firm news and updates

  • Events you will attend or host

  • General blog post content

To have access to Google posts, simply log into your Google My Business account and do the following:

  • Select your listing by clicking on them.

  • There will be a "Posts" button in the navigation on the left-hand side.

  • Click "add post"

You can include a photo, descriptions, a CTA, and, if applicable, event date and time.

3. Photos

Photos are one type of social proof. For example, if a user or searcher came across a listing, they'd sometimes look for photos. This can prove that your law firm does exist and that you're an established and operating firm.

Use GMB photos in addition to the standard features like uploading a brand logo and cover photo. Include pictures of your building and law firm office. When you have the opportunity, upload new ones to keep your photos from becoming outdated.

4. Google Reviews

The purpose and value of Google My Business are inextricably linked to Google Reviews. Your listing will include an average star rating, and the positive and negative customer reviews will be accessible.

You can encourage past clients to leave reviews in various ways, including posting a link on your website, sending an email with a link, or asking them in person.

Remember: You should be aware that you must adhere to Google's policies. For example, you cannot offer any incentives in exchange for reviews, and you should not solicit only positive feedback.

Respond to both positive and negative feedback. In fact, clients and users looking at your reviews appreciate it when you respond to a negative review in a timely, thoughtful manner.

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5. Additional Tags And Information

You can take advantage of a variety of additional information fields. For example, you can add special hours under the "info" tab if you offer emergency appointments. Likewise, linking directly to your appointment booking page can also help you generate more leads.

Remember: When people are looking for nearby listings, they're most likely already looking for more specific information. They're already browsing through a list of law firms, so they're now picking firms out based on what they need or prefer.

LawyerLeadMachine Can You Manage Your Local SEO

Lawyer SEO can help your law firm with local exposure and boost your clientele. In general, Google My Business is a great way to target nearby prospective clients.

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