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5 Google My Business Optimization Tips For Law Firms

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Learn These 5 Ways To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile Local Lawyer SEO Searches

There's more you can do with Google My Business (GMB) after successfully creating a profile for your law firm. Inputting current, consistent, and important additional data can boost your Local SEO visibility to nearby searchers.

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The best way to maximize the benefits of your law firm's GMB account is to optimize it. You have to set it up so Google can pick up and discern essential business information related to your law firm.

1. Manage Your FAQs

Potential clients are bound to have questions. FAQs are not only great for adding your own content, but they're also an excellent way to optimize for Voice Search and Local SEO. These appear in the information panel as part of your business listing.

Users will be able to ask questions easily as a result, but keep in mind that everyone (not just yourself) can answer them. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in incorrect answers being shown on the website.

Remember: Review clients' questions regularly. Then, answer these questions before anyone else has a chance to.

You can also take advantage of the ability to pre-populate Google My Business FAQs. Add the most commonly asked questions before anyone else does.

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2. Add Multiple Site Locations (When You Need To)

If your firm happens to operate in several office locations that fit the Google My Business requirements, you would be able to list multiple locations from a single account.

When you access your Google My Business settings, you'll have access to location groups. This allows you to manage several locations in a single group or folder.

Here's how you can add multiple locations to Google My Business:

  • Go to the "Manage Locations" tab

  • Click "Add Location"

  • Add or import multiple office locations

This can be especially helpful for law firms who operate in several states but want Google to recognize all their locations under one operation.

3. Enable Clients To Book Appointments

Google My Business has implemented a booking tool to allow users to book your services directly with Google. This enables users to book appointments directly from the search results without even clicking to your website or contacting your law firm.

This is done via approved scheduling partners, so the service isn't bound by business hours. This means you can accept bookings from both new and existing customers after hours. Just make sure this is the right business strategy for your law firm, and learn how the scheduling works before you start incorporating it into your GMB.

Remember: Update your service data with your current scheduling partner if you already have Google bookings enabled.

4. Maintain Consistent NAPs

NAPs is an abbreviation for Name, Address, and Phone Number. Not only should your NAPs be consistent on all your Google accounts, but they should also be the same throughout your entire online presence.

For Example:

If your law firm is called "1000Attorneys" on your website, don't use "1000Attorneys, LLC" and "1000Attorneys California" for others.

Even slight changes can confuse users and search engines. Likewise, you don't want to input a different contact number on your social media and another on your website.

Remember: Whenever you change anything (like your email and contact numbers), update them across the board.

5. Use Call Tracking

Call tracking gives you more information about the stats related to the source of calls made to your posted content number. As typical Lawyer SEO practice, you should be pulling and analyzing stats to decide the next steps to take for your Law Firm Marketing strategy.

You could use separate call tracking numbers with GMB without affecting your local visibility; all you have to do is make sure they're set up correctly.

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You'll find a phone number section in the 'details' section of your GMB listing, with preferences for both primary and secondary phone numbers. Make sure your call tracking number is set as the "main phone," and your regular business phone number is set as the "additional phone."

Adding your primary phone line as an additional number stays linked to your firm and is consistent in your NAP profile.

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Lawyer SEO involves optimizing your online presence to cumulatively drive traffic and improve conversions. Google My Business is a great way to target nearby clients and boost local visibility, so use it to its full potential.

If you need a little help with content, automation, and Google My Business optimization, you can review your options here.

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