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5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Law Firm Blog

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Legal Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid Or Reverse ASAP

Legal blogging is a great way to implement Lawyer SEO and content marketing for law firms. However, if there's a right way to do it, there's definitely a wrong way. You want your blog post to aid your Law Firm SEO, not negatively affect it.

Here are a few mistakes legal content bloggers make:

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1. Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

One of the first things you're told about content marketing for law firms is that "content is king." This is true. The more content you have, the more visible you'll be in the SERPs. Unfortunately, some new bloggers will take this advice and try to churn out as many blog posts as possible, sacrificing content quality for the sake of quantity.

However, Google and other search engine algorithms quickly spot low-quality, thin, and spammy content. So no matter how many blog posts you publish, it will still not help your law firm SEO and content marketing efforts if it doesn't rank high or get indexed.

You could set a reasonable content schedule to give yourself time to write your blog posts. For example, if it takes you two weeks to finish a well-thought-out post, you should stick to that schedule and be consistent with your posting.

However, if you need to get more content out, you should hire a legal content writer instead of forcing yourself to post rushed content. A legal SEO writer knows their way around SEO, content marketing, and legal content, so it might be a great option if you want to speed up the ROI.

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2. Ignoring Law Firm SEO

Your audience will probably find you more quickly if your law firm website performs well in search engine results. Unfortunately, many inexperienced bloggers overlook Lawyer SEO factors when creating their legal blogs.

Your website is more likely to draw more traffic if it appears higher in the search engine rankings. So, pay attention to keywords, optimizations, CTAs, rankings, and other crucial Lawyer SEO factors. If done right, you'll start seeing more traffic on your content, extending your reach to more people.

3. Not Using Visual Media

Your blogs should cover more than simply the text on the page. Having some imagination is beneficial. Make or find captivating and unique visuals, which could help make your blogs less bland and monotonous.

Using visuals will break up your text and make it easier for your visitors to read. Your content will look better thanks to them.

Images can also be visual aids for whatever legal concept you write about. True, excellent writing is exciting and understandable enough to stand on its own, but anything to keep your reader interested is a must in web writing for law firms.

4. Not Properly Implementing Internal Links

Internal links improve site structure and navigation. Not only does it help site visitors to move around your website, but it also helps crawlers find and identify your pages for indexing.

Linking two pages together associates them with each other, so it's a great way to distribute link juice, describe linked pages, and group relevant pages together.

Internal links are also a great way to promote other blog posts. For example, if you mentioned something about car crashes in your personal injury blog post, you can link the keywords to a relevant car accident claim post for people to do further readings on.

5. Not Promoting Your Blog Posts

Your posts could be excellent legal content. However, if you stop there, you won't make any progress. You're advised to implement Lawyer SEO strategies to help push them towards more people.

If you're not ranking as high as you want in the SERPs, you can always boost your traffic by promoting them on other platforms like social media and Google posts. Of course, you won't get sustainable traffic from promotions alone, but this is a great way to boost your pages in the meantime.

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