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4 Essential Content Marketing Strategies For California Law Firms

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Content Marketing Strategies To Start Your Law Firm Marketing Journey

Law firm content marketing is a great way to attract attention to your California law firm. Unlike ads, you're creating high-quality content that people are already looking for. After all, people who are already interested in legal topics or law firms are more likely to click on your blog post, social media post, and landing pages.

That said, how do you strategically create and post content to benefit your California law firm marketing? Let's look at the essential attorney content marketing strategies to get you started:

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1. Produce Evergreen Legal Content

Evergreen content is the most sustainable type of content. Essentially, evergreen content is complete and timeless, making it less likely to fluctuate in rankings. So, while following emerging trends and the latest legal news may increase traffic to your website, evergreen content offers law firms long-term advantages. For example, you can write guides about timeless topics like personal injury law, wrongful termination, or other general legal guides.

Naturally, you still want to experiment with hot topics. You can cover legal news, trends, and seasonal subjects. That said, trends and seasonal things eventually fall off or fluctuate. If you want more sustainable progress, ensure you're not neglecting general legal topics.

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2. Keyword Optimization For Your Legal Content In California

People must first find your content to consume it. If your content isn't optimized or indexed, no one will find them. Hence, for legal content to be discovered, lawyer SEO is essential.

The search engine uses keywords to index your page and make your content discoverable to users. By utilizing the right set of keywords, you may increase the searchability of your content and the likelihood that it will show up on the first page of search engine results.

The same advice can be applied while posting on social media. You may expand the audience for your content by searching for hot hashtags, themes, and phrases.

3. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Digital marketing for law firms is a sport. For instance, California lawyer SEO demands that you offer the top content among all the search results. So, to succeed, you must do better than your competition.

Remember: Your competition isn't strictly populated by law firm websites. Legal encyclopedias, news sites, and local blogs can also aim to rank for the same keywords as yours.

By analyzing the competition, you can find out what others are doing better, how to apply that to your website, and any potential content gaps. Additionally, doing this will provide you an advantage over your competitors.

Auditing is, therefore, a crucial component of law firm digital marketing. You can plan your next step by reviewing data on your website, content, Lawyer SEO rankings, and competitors.

4. Boost Shareability Through The Visual Components Of Your Legal Content

Another efficient way to get traffic to your law firm website is by incorporating graphic elements into your legal content marketing strategies. For example, many web content creators use topical photos, infographics, videos, and podcasts to drive more website visitors. In addition, these elements can make your content more appealing and shareable on other social media platforms.

Again, social media content is compatible with this. Because they are appealing to the eye, images perform well on social media. Pictures and graphs can also effectively convey information. Additionally, you could benefit from the increase in law firm video marketing content if you do it right.

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We have a team of lawyer marketing experts that can help with Attorney SEO Marketing, including automation, optimizations, GMB management, and content marketing for lawyers. To get started on Lawyer SEO for California law firms, consult with our experts now.

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