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How To Boost Local SEO For Pennsylvania Law Firms

Local SEO Tips To Boost Visibility In The Pennsylvania SERPs

It's tempting to target broad keywords and SERPs. And why shouldn't you? The more general the keyword, the higher the search volumes.

However, any company or firm must be visible to its target market. After all, most of your clients are going to come from Pennsylvania. The closer a user is to your law firm, the more valuable they'll be as law firm leads.

That said, let's talk about local SEO, how they help you, and how you can implement the strategy:

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How Does Local SEO Help Pennsylvania Law Firms?

Local SEO boosts your visibility in the local SERPs. This will make your law firm website more visible to users in Pennsylvania, allowing them to find you.

Additionally, local keywords are long-tail keywords, which are often strategically used in Pennsylvania Law Firm SEO. Therefore, in comparison to general, global, or national keywords, local SEO keywords have lower search volumes. However, lower search volumes mean less competition, making it much easier to climb up the ranks.

5 Local Pennsylvania SEO Tips For Law Firms

Implementing Local SEO is generally accessible to law firms of all sizes. Here are a few ways you can do so:

1. Do Some Keyword Research

Look up the important keywords you want to target with your city. The optimal combination is higher traffic keywords with lower competition.

Here are a few seed keyword examples to get you started:

  • pennsylvania law firm

  • personal injury law firm pennsylvania

  • labor lawyer pennsylvania

You may use Google's keyword tool to estimate the competitiveness and traffic for each chosen keyword. Then, include your location-specific keywords in your website's title tags and content.

Remember: Be careful not to overdo it since this is known as "keyword stuffing" and could result in your website being penalized. As a general Lawyer SEO rule, diversify your keywords instead of overusing just one.

law firm marketing pennsylvania

2. Get On Local Listings

If you haven't already, claim your listings for nearby businesses. A Google Places listing is practically a requirement if you want your website to appear in Google's local map results.

Google is currently combining Google+ Local with Google Places as an aside. So build a Google+ business account first, choose a local area or business, and then create your listing if you haven't already.

3. Set Up Your Profile On Review Sites

Utilize the influence of review websites. Set up law firm profiles on popular review websites like Yelp, Insider Pages, etc., and ask satisfied clients and loyal patrons to leave reviews for your company.

The search engines and your potential law firm clients both appreciate positive reviews. It can also indirectly affect Lawyer SEO in Pennsylvania, as high ratings in reviews can increase interest in your law firm, boosting traffic and conversations.

4. Get On Local Directories

There are a ton of web directories that can help people find your business and local businesses! Include local directories relevant to your industry in your website submissions.

Remember: Check the credibility and standards of the directories you submit to.

5. Social Media

Social media platforms provide yet another way to appear in local search results. Not to mention, popular social media platforms have millions of users, and you could reach a lot of leads if done right.

Make sure to complete your contact information (address, phone number, etc.) on your social media platforms and blogs so that users and search engines can determine where you are.


Local SEO is by no means a simple task, just like any other Pennsylvania Lawyer SEO strategy. However, the benefits of a solid local approach are clear, so stay with it. It is an ongoing effort that must be maintained continuously, or your rankings will drop.

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