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Why You Need Social Proof For Law Firms In Pennsylvania

Updated: May 26, 2022

Law Firm Marketing Guide: Why You Need Social Proof In Legal Marketing

It's one thing to get traffic and another to get conversions. You might implement great strategies and rank well through Lawyer SEO in Pennsylvania. After all, some site visitors are just there to check you out, but not all of them won't always become clients.

One of the biggest hurdles to conversions is trust. These days, people aren't going to become law firm clients moments after seeing your website. Instead, they will look through your content, pages, and information and do more research before working with you.

Not to mention, lawsuits and other legal processes can change a person's life. Therefore, choosing a law firm is a crucial decision. So, you need to prove that they're making the right decision by working with you.

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What Is Social Proof?

Whether you're aware of social proof or not, it has likely influenced decisions in your life. We're inherently curious about what's happening and the ideal conduct or response. Hence, there should be an emphasis on implementing strategies for law firm social proof in Pennsylvania.

For example, you might have seen TV ads about a product but won't be convinced until a friend says it's worth buying. It persuades consumers to try an unknown brand after hearing excellent things about it from others. Similarly, people might be hesitant to work with law firms in Pennsylvania but can be convinced if they see a few reviews.

Remember: Social proof supports a decision by employing other people as proof, indicating that it is worth your time, money, or interest.

type of social proof for law firm

Types Of Social Proof For Law Firms In Pennsylvania

Here are the most common types of law firm social proof you can easily start building:

1. Images and Video

Photos and videos are the most straightforward types of social proof. Unfortunately, it's easy to overlook that what people see online might still make them suspicious. Even if your website is well-designed, it cannot completely eliminate the danger of being used as a front for fraud.

Most potential clients will be reassured by images of you and your colleagues, your office facility, and medals and recognition. However, unlike those who visit your actual office, visitors to your website require proof of your legitimacy.

2. Participating in Community Events

Your law firm's legitimacy can be strengthened by attending university lectures, volunteer activities, and community events. In addition, it demonstrates that you are a formal organization capable of representing yourself at local events.

These events also provide an excellent opportunity for lawyers to network with their peers, firms, and new clients.

3. Law Firm Reviews

Online reviews are often beneficial to law firm marketing and Lawyer SEO. In addition, many individuals rely on online reviews to determine where to dine, what to do, where to visit, what product to purchase, and who to hire.

Reviews demonstrate that you are an effective lawyer. It also provides potential clients with information about your validity and expertise.

Linked to your Google My Business listings, Google Reviews are the easiest for potential clients to find. You don't have to go on Yelp to find them, as it will pop up with your listings at the top of the Google SERPs. So, if you want to start getting more client reviews, start by encouraging them to leave you Google Reviews.

4. Research Data

Numbers can be an excellent way to show how effective your law practice is. However, to demonstrate the successful cases you've had over time, you can use analytics, graphics, and even formal study.

Instead of telling them how much experience you have in a specific field of law, show them how many successful cases you've handled. You can also highlight your most significant verdicts, biggest damage claims, and most prolific cases.

5. Mentions on Social Media

Social media mentions, like reviews, can help spread the word about your law company while also proving its validity. In addition, because information spreads quickly on social media, being mentioned can significantly increase brand recognition for any company.

Interacting with users, learning how to effectively use the site, and practicing basic Lawyer SEO in Pennsylvania can all help you increase your social media mentions. So, make sure you incorporate finding social proof in social media marketing for attorneys.

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