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How To Build A Good "Contact Us" Page For Pennsylvania Law Firms

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Boost Conversions By Optimizing Every Page, Including Your "Contact Us" Page

"Contact Us" pages seem nonessential compared to all the other pages on your law firm website. However, it still plays a huge role in the process of converting potential clients.

In some cases, people who might be interested in your law firm will first want to contact you for inquiries or to set up appointments. So, you want to ensure that people get your contact information as quickly and easily as possible.

So, what makes a good "Contact Us" page? Let's talk about it:

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Why Should You Pay Attention To Your "Contact Us" Page?

Your "Contact Us" page is a way for your potential law firm clients to communicate with you. Remember, some people want to inquire about you before setting an appointment. Responding to these inquiries might help potential clients decide on working with your Pennsylvania law firm.

If you've done the right Lawyer SEO implementation and law firm content marketing strategies, you want to ensure people take that last step and convert. Responding to inquiries is also a great way to build trust, so you should keep your contact lines open and easy to access.

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4 Tips On Building A Great "Contact Us" Page For Your Pennsylvania Law Firm

So, your "Contact Page" holds importance in conversions and trust-building.

Tip #1: Make It Accessible

It doesn't matter how good your "Contact Us" page is if people can't find them. So, ensure that it's accessible, preferably from the homepage.

Some websites will have a link or button at the top of the page, making it accessible everywhere on the law firm website. You can also do this by adding the links at the bottom of your pages.

Tip #2: Keep It Simple

Refrain from crowding your page with too many site elements. Remember, when people click on your "contact us" page, they expect to see your law firm's phone number or email address.

So, don't crowd it with too much text or image content that would detract someone's attention from your contact information. If you need to add more site elements and details, ensure it's hard to miss by highlighting it. You can do this by keeping it on the top of the page or adding emphasis on the design.

Tip #3: Provide Multiple Contact Options

The more ways people can contact you, the better. There's no telling what devices and mediums people currently have access to, so adding an email, phone number, social media profile, and other messaging platforms (i.e., WhatsApp, etc.) would be a great way to give them options.

Of course, you don't have to open communications on every device and platform. However, you should allow people to choose the most convenient one. For example, a phone number, email, and a law firm office address should be on the Contact Page for most law firms.

Tip #4: Deliver Good User Experience

As a general Pennsylvania Lawyer SEO rule, optimize the user experience. Your Contact Us page should be as easy to use, read, and navigate as all of your law firm website's pages.

So, pay attention to the following:

  • Optimize loading speeds

  • Choose the suitable color schemes

  • Avoid illegible font styles

  • Don't make text sizes too small

  • Provide navigational links

  • Add buttons and highlight the most important content

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