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Building Social Proof For Law Firms

A Quick Lawyer SEO Guide On Building Social Proof To Get More Clients

When clients are looking to buy a product or hire someone to address their needs, they might look for some assurance that they're making the right decision. Social proof is exactly that, and it helps your law firm marketing and Lawyer SEO efforts along the way.

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What Is Social Proof In Digital Marketing?

Social proof is a way to show that other people have availed and found value in a law firm's services. Because people are more likely to buy a product or hire a professional that others have also availed, having social proof can encourage more people to set up an appointment with you.

Remember: People are more inclined to engage in something if others are doing it. This is the most basic motivational mechanism underlying social proof.

Why Is Social Proof Important For Lawyer SEO?

Another advantage of social proof is that it builds trust. For most people, lawsuits and claims are risky commitments. They have to agree to work with a law firm for an extended amount of time, and the result of their case can significantly affect their lives.

In short, trust is one of the most critical factors in converting potential clients. Having photos, achievements, awards, and user reviews shows potential clients that a legal firm is indeed capable and trustworthy.

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6 Common Types of Social Proof

Social proof can come in different forms. They can also prove different things: a.) your law firm exists, or b.) your law firm is an effective legal counsel.

You'll want to aim for both, and ideally, use different types of social proof to show potential clients.

1. Photos And Video

The most straightforward forms of social proof are photos and videos.

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that people can still be skeptical of what they see online. No matter how well-designed your website is, it still doesn't entirely remove the possibility of it being a fake front for malicious scams.

Having photos of you and your colleagues, your office building, and awards and recognition can reassure most potential clients. Unlike coming to your physical office, site visitors need something to assure them of your legitimacy.

2. Joining Community Events

Attending university lectures, volunteer work, and community events can solidify your law firm's legitimacy. It shows that you are a formal institution that can represent yourselves in local events.

Additionally, these are great opportunities for lawyers to network with colleagues, firms, and potential clients.

3. Reviews

In general, online reviews are good for Law Firm Marketing and Lawyer SEO. Many people use online reviews to decide where to eat, what to do, where to travel, what product to buy, and who to hire.

Reviews are proof that you are an effective legal counsel. In addition, it gives potential clients insights into your legitimacy and capability.

Remember: The most prominent ones are Google Reviews, which are tied to your Google My Business listings. So if you want to start boosting your client reviews, you can take the first step and encourage them to leave you Google Reviews.

4. Data

Numbers can be an excellent way to reflect your law firm's effectiveness. You can use stats, graphs, and even formal research to show the successful cases you've had over time.

Instead of telling clients how experienced you are with a specific area of law, show them how many cases you've handled were successful. You can also show off your most important verdicts, highest damage claims, and most significant cases.

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5. Awards And Recognition

Awards and recognitions are proof of someone's (or an organization's) acknowledgment of your legal practice. You can add these to your lawyer bios, lawyer directories, and "about us" page.

6. Social Media Mentions

Like reviews, social media mentions can not only spread the word about your law firm but also prove your legitimacy. Information can get shared around fast on social media, so getting mentioned can really boost brand awareness for any firm.

Remember: You can also boost your social media mentions by interacting with users, learning how to best use the platform, and implementing basic Lawyer SEO.

How Can LawyerLeadMachine Assist Your Law Firm SEO?

Lawyer SEO requires dedicated on-page and off-page tactics to boost traffic and conversions. Social proof, CTAs, and landing pages are some of the few essential drivers of client conversions.

To get started on your SEO strategy, review options to work with us here.


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