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Ran Out Of Ideas: Employment Law Topics To Try

3 Great Content Ideas For A Great Labor Law Blog

High quality and consistency is the key to content marketing for attorneys. If you don't have a regular schedule of good employment law blog posts, you won't get the most out of your Lawyer SEO and law firm content marketing efforts.

That said, you don't want repetitive content. You don't want to write about the same employment law topic over and over. This won't build an audience, and you might risk posting duplicate content.

So, here are a few employment law topic ideas to refresh your legal blog's content plan:

employment law topics

Employment Law Ideas To Write In Your Legal Blog

Wondering what else you could be writing about? Here are some viable employment law topics that could be great for your employment law firm blog:

1. Relevant Trivia And Information

You don't have to write about lawsuits and employment law claims over and over. You can also consider relevant topics, such as listicles, statistics, and case studies.

For example, you can write broad statistics about wrongful termination during COVID-19. Of course, it doesn't discuss suing bosses and listing laws relevant to wrongful termination. Still, it could be information audiences might be interested in.

Not to mention, it's relevant enough that you can add CTAs to contact your firm and incorporate other lawyer keywords.

2. Write About New Laws

People look up new laws to learn about them. However, non-lawyers can't always parse out niche language and legalese. Sometimes, they don't know how small changes in the law could have huge effects on someone's daily life.

This way, you're interpreting legal news, so they're more digestible to your audience. After all, you're looking to generate leads, and most of those people are in need of lawyers but not lawyers themselves.

employment law leads

While this might not be a full-on advertisement for your law firm, this content can still gain traffic and generate law firm leads. After all, anyone who'll read it will do it on your website. If you build your website right, add great CTAs, and improve your internal linking structure, you might be able to attract new potential clients through this type of content.

3. Updates On Landmark Cases

Like new laws, landmark cases are a great way to educate non-lawyers about how the law works and how it affects them.

Not to mention, some landmark cases could be heavily publicized. At the very least, they are mentioned on well-known news sites, so there will be some uptick in search trends for related keywords. People might talk about it for some time, so you make sure you're the one providing the content they're referencing their ideas about it from.

Again, you want to ensure you're writing for an average reasonable person who might be interested in the law but has not studied it for a long time.

content marketing for lawyers

Important Law Firm Marketing Caveats

That said, just because you have to be consistent doesn't mean you have to rush the content creation process. Many content farms carelessly make and post rushed, watered-down content to publish more. However, those blog posts don't always do well in the SERPs.

If you want your audience and search engines to trust you, you'll have to ensure you're producing something fresh and high quality. So, don't force yourself to post something every day. If it takes you a week to post one high-quality legal content at a time, then stick to that and ensure you can do so consistently.

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