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SEO Content Checklist For Law Firm Websites

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

How To Create Lawyer SEO Content That Generates Leads

When it comes to Lawyer SEO, content is one of the most effective ways to get traffic, boost conversions, and generate leads. Content comes in many forms, whether you're legal blogging, posting on social media, or publishing guest posts on other sites. However, you can't just sit down, type up content, and be done for the day. The content itself should be well-researched, optimized, and targeted at specific audiences.

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That said, this means your Lawyer SEO Content should have a strategic creative process. This allows you to maximize the SEO potential of your content marketing strategy.

Step 1: Audit Your Current Content

A content audit examines the performance of all existing content on your site. The process allows you to find anything you're doing wrong, anything that needs updating, or anything irrelevant. It also considers your site analytics to assist you in figuring out which pieces of content work best and which pages to rewrite first.

More importantly, this allows you to find gaps in your content. Which area of law have you not covered yet? Which Personal Injury-related accident have you not made a dedicated post for?

Step 2: Remember Your Target Audience

Knowing who you're writing for is essential for developing compelling content that readers can relate to. Are your target audiences older working people? Is your family law firm more likely to get married clients? Do you often represent younger individuals? Or do you represent companies and corporations?

Creating "customer personas" is an excellent method to help you know the following:

  1. What your audience is looking for

  2. Which types of keywords to create content for

  3. What tone of voice you should be using for your content

Make your personas as realistic as possible. A good persona is one that you can nearly imagine as someone you know.

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Step 3: Write For Your Audience, Not Search Engines

While optimizing for search engines is great, ranking high only boosts your chances of people clicking on your domain. However, you don't just want people to visit your website; you want them to stay.

So before you start thinking about the best way to optimize your blogs, articles, and social media content for algorithms, think about how your audience will read them. Is it easy to read? Is it helpful? Is the language too complicated or specialized for a layman's audience?

Before you start writing:

  1. Think about how you want your content to be organized on the page.

  2. Always put the most crucial information at the beginning, as this is what your audience is most likely looking for.

  3. Use headings or drop-down options to help your viewers understand the information—especially if you have a lot of it on the page.

Step 4: Stick To One Tone

Most brands and content creators keep a uniform tone of voice. It helps define your communication style, provides clear direction for your writing, and ensures consistent content.

Additionally, when it comes to engaging audiences and helping them comprehend what you're trying to convey, the way you write your content is crucial. Whenever possible, it's preferable to employ the active voice over the passive voice.

Step 5: Simplify

While you may be well-versed in professional jargon, but your audience might not be. Therefore, ensure that your content is readable by persons with varying levels of education or those who may not speak English fluently.

Remember: If you're posting content to get more clients, it's likely that your target audience doesn't know much about the law. After all, that's why they're looking for content to help them understand.

Lastly, because people's attention spans are short on the internet, get right to the point. Break up your paragraphs and keep your sentences so your audience isn't dealing with large walls of text every time.

Also, don't be afraid to let single sentences stand on their own—less is more.

Step 5: Optimize For Search Engines

One of the most effective ways to attract people to notice your content is Lawyer SEO. However, you should also not get caught up doing so. Don't stuff keywords or force them into sentences that don't make grammatical sense.

For Example:

Don't try to force keywords like "personal injury los angeles" and "family lawyer affordable" into your titles if they don't fit. Put them in the tags instead.

Rather than adding keywords later, incorporate them into your content as you write. Writing straightforward, honest, and user-focused content is the only way to achieve successful SEO.

Step 6: Add Links

Internal linking on your website improves SEO, gives your readers relevant information, and can increase page visits. In addition, internal links are essential for site structure, citations, and navigations.

If you run a legal blog, you may have related posts that compliment each other. To cite and link them when relevant text or mentions comes up in your new content. Instead of gathering them at the bottom of the page, embed them into paragraphs to increase readability.

Step 7: ProofRead Before Posting

Editing is critical to your content's quality and consistency. To ensure that the information is reviewed with fresh eyes, you should hire a separate content writer and content editor. In addition, make sure that your tone of voice and writing style are constant throughout the document and that it is exciting and relatable to your audience.

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Step 8: Promote Your Content

If you post a new blog on your website, promote it on social media. Likewise, if you're starting a new social media campaign, promote it on your website.

Remember: Sometimes, the audiences you have for each platform are completely different. So the more people see your new content, the more people you might be able to convince to read them.

Try LawyerLeadMachine's Content Marketing Services

Implementing an on-page SEO checklist like this one can help your content SEO in a significant way. However, SEO still has a great deal of depth, making it difficult to understand.

When consistent and optimized, content marketing is an effective Lawyer Marketing Strategy to boost your online visibility. If you're a busy firm that doesn't have the time to do all that, LawyerLeadMachine can help. Review your options to work with SEO experts here.


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